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Kay in Canton, Ohio

Same to you! Sounds like it's going to be great for you!


All the best to you and all for the holidays.
Make some great memories!


Merry Christmas to you too. You have the perfect name for this season...Joy. Joy to the world!


You'll have a houseful of "J's", as will I! Merry Christmas, Joy!


OMG we were in that storm trying to get to Evanston to pick up the kids. We eventually turned around and came home. You should have just gone to my house. I swear I'm going to give you a key in case that happens to you again and we aren't there. You should not sit in your car in that kind of cold and traffic.

Tara R.

How wonderful that your home will be filled with family for the holidays. I hope you have a blessed and joyful Christmas.


I enjoyed the 12 Pains of Christmas ... noticed there are LOTS of 'versions' out there and am surprised I'd not encountered it before. Thanks for sharing.

I'm sorry about the traffic jam in the snow and I'm with you about skipping the next one if the weather's bad ... just because. I'm glad you'll have family around ... sounds like fun.
Merry Christmas to YOU Joy ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Marianna Scheffer

I have family here in Hawaii for Christmas. How they appreciate the break from the cold weather. They are a little miffed, however, at missing a snowstorm, because those are rare in Seattle where they live.
I can't say I miss winter weather. Oh, maybe a twinge of nostalgia now and then!


Have a wonderful Christmas - and enjoy your family.

We're lucky to have all our family within an hour of our house. And I truly appreciate that. But then- we don't get any sleepoversl


Merry Christmas!!

We're in for lots of family fun!


Hello Joy,

Your Holiday plans sound very special and I hope they work out exactly as planned.

Our family is all coming to my house this year and the ones we are most concerned about are my darling Grandaughter, Julie and her husband,Brad, who are flying in from Salt Lake City. I hope the weather is good at both ends for them.

Have a very Merry Christmas ,Joy, and I will be back to see you in the new year........

Roberta S

Love the pictures you posted, Joy, but I always do. Had to stop by to wish you all the joys of the Holiday Season.

I'll give you the same party rules my little granddaughter posted on the wall when she invited over a couple of her little friends.

Rules for The Party:
Fun, Fun, Fun!

The best to you, Joy.


Have an absolutely WONDERFUL Christmas, Joy. It will be twice as nice because family will be there....and that's what its all about. Stay warm and stay safe, dear friend. Big hugs!


Merry christmas to you too Joy. I'm sure you'll love it.


My best wishes for a wonderful Christmas holiday. Relax and enjoy all the excitement of having the family home.


Been so busy of late not had time to visit anybody. But I do want to wish you and all your family a fabulous Christmas and a blessed New Year. xx


Hi Joy! Same wishes of Love and Joy for this Christmas...and a wonderful and good year of health for 2009!


Merry Christmas Joy to you and your family.

Bear((( )))


Merry Christmas!


Happy holidays, Joy.

Thank you for your kind support during my recovery.

I see there is another Darlene commenting so guess I need to add a C. to mine.

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