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Laughing all the way! You have to hand it to those old ladies.

I spent the morning singing with our Sweet Adelines chorus. We were the entertainment at the Joy Luncheon of one of our local Christian schools in town.

Tonight we're doing a show with the Ditchfield Family Singers, so I'm trying to catch up in between shows.


Oh Joy, That is just too funny!
I'll be laughing all day over that one!!

Have a joyous weekend!

Kay Dennison

Glad you're enjoying the season!
I, of course, haven't done a damned thing!!!! LOL Bah Humbug!


Those bastards at the post office. That's hilarious. Our christmas tree is finally up, the cards are hanging and I must send off my christmas cards.


Ya just can't trust those postal workers!!!!!
I've got most of the carols and still working on the last few, specially liked this one.
18. I spied my maternal parent osculating a fat man in red


Love the p.O. story!! The songs require some thought, but I think I got them all.

I have not bought one thing, addressed any cards or decorated anything in my house. Pooh to those who have it done already!!


Hearing from friends around the holidays is something I look forward to as well. Loved the
'little old lady' story ... and can name all but two of the songs off the top of my head. Will think about the others ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


Dear Joy ~~ Sorry to send an award that you already had. Never mind there will be another one soon. I loved that joke, poor postal workers who had been so generous.
I meant to comment on your fridge magnets, but you had so many other great photos. You have quite a few, but some are photos and the word "JOY" pops up here and there. It is a lovely name. Take care, my dear friend,Love, Merle.

Marianna Scheffer

This year I intend to enjoy every minute of the Christmas season. I have been so upset about our previous regime and my poor mother in law's slow demise last January, but this year finds me in great spirits!


Thanks for sharing. We're very busy in this household getting things ready for the holiday season.


Thanks for sharing.

We're very busy here getting things ready for the holiday season. Lots of work, but for lots of good reasons.



Would you mind emailing me all the answers to the Christmas Carols quiz?

Bear((( )))


Dear Joy ~~ Perhaps you could post the answers to the carolsMuch love, Merle.. I have a lot of them, but a few still not obvious.
Thanks for your visit to my blog and it won't be too long until your kids all come and the grandkids as well. Have a wonderful Christmas, dear friend. Much love, Merle.

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