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I always wondered about that angel on top of the tree. Glad you cleared it up for me. lol Loved the angel descriptions, too. Merry Christmas.


Joy, you always find the best things = you are an angel, that's for sure. xoxoxo


LOL ... I've seen the first story somewhere, but it made me laugh all the same. I always enjoy the perspective of children. They're so authentic and real. Thanks for sharing. Would you mind if I 'snagged the kids quotes' to share on my new WordPress blog or at Sacred Ruminations in the days ahead?
Hugs and blessings,


Another mystery resolved with the story behind the story of how the angel comes to be on top of the tree. Gee, for a minute there, I was worried Santa might have a retort that I didn't want to read that he'd made to that sweet little angel at his door.

Hootin' Anni

Hi Joy!
I saw your comment at storyteller's blog this morning above mine that I left and thought I'd stop over and wish you a blessed, peaceful weekend.

I tellya, I've read this story about the 'beginning' of the tree angel many times, and I never cease to smile and giggle at it.

Stop by and visit with me if you can find time.

Tara R.

I love the kid's holiday explanations, those are priceless.


I have not heard this story before and I loved it!! I'll be laughing most of the day over this one:)

It's so much fun reading/listening to children's idea of things.

Thanks for the good laugh!!


I am recovering from a cold and I knew I was getting better by the way I laughed out loud at the Christmas story. Thanks for perking me up... cough, cough!

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