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Kay Dennison

LOL!!!!!!!!!! I'd heard it before but still didn't see it coming!!!


Cute story. Thinking of you during this season.


Hehe, got a big chuckle out of that one.

Have a peace filled holiday.


I'd forgotten that one!!! LOL
Happy Thanksgiving!

Marianna Scheffer

If only turkeys were as smart as parrots, they might enjoy a better fate.


;0 Very funny- and NEW to me!

Happy Thanksgiving



Ya Just wouldn't wanna be a Turkey at this time of year!!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving dear Joy and Family.


Hi Joy! Is this a story? At first I thought you really had a parrot. Anyway...a belated thanksgiving wish. Good day.


Most intelligent post


I'd see the image at the top before and the joke had a familiar 'ring' to it ... but the turn at the end has me rolling on the floor ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


I laughed and laughed at this, but Josephine and Tweetie (Our African Grey Parrots)found nothing funny in it. They are still pouting because they were left home alone on Thanksgiving Day.
Hope you had a great holiday!


I love it. :)

PS my son and daughter in law cooked the turkey this year and brought it over for all of us to enjoy this Thanksgiving. I was delicious. He brined it and then cooked it in his Big Green Egg.
Best ever. We made dressing, they made squash casserole, daughter and 12 year old grand son made sweet potato casserole. With tiny green beans, rolls, and pies from Costco we were well fed.


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Joy! Now, on to Christmas!

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