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Kay Dennison

Great cartoon!!!!!!!!!

No, Im not a magna-holic. There are 3 or 4 there but they were given to me.


I will come over and take a photo of your fridge. No problem. :-)


LOL...yes, I must confess. I, too, have a bunch of them. The lower half of my fridge has magnetic letters that the little ones use to spell words. A few years ago I replaced my wooden front door with a steel door. So now those letter magnets are on the bottom half of that door too.
Sigh....just another thing that makes our houses....our HOMES. Keep smilin' Joy...makes everyone wonder what you've been up to. LOL


I LOL at that cartoon. I have my share of magnets but wouldn't be classified as a magnaholic.


Well, then, don't buy a stainless-steel fridge, because magnets won't cling to them - for some odd reason!

I'm getting used to a bare fridge!

Cop Car

Until a few years ago, I had nary a magnet on the frig. Still wouldn't except Hunky Husband brought one home from a trip, and I hadn't the heart to hide it away.

Some stainless steels are magnetic, others (with lots of nickel in them) are not. Obviously, the particular stainless steel from which your frig's outer door panel is made, is not!


I laughed all the way through, Joy. What a witty post on magnets. The end of my fridge is exposed so that's where my magnets are. Ever so often I have to de-clutter it because you know what magnets do. Tee Hee.


Hey - you can never have too many fridge magnets in my book. Hilarious cartoon, though I don't think Bailey's ever eaten a magnet (she is a trash-eatin' dog, though).

And yes, I can relate about the name. I star in a lot of Christmas carols, too. :-)


I like them but only have six. I use them to hang up important things like grandkid art or a flyer from the Obama campaign. I enjoy seeing them on other people's fridges and will usually check them out. I think they are fun and a creative way to show what is of interest in the home


I love the cartoon!!! Methinks the image will stay with me indefinitely. I understand your addiction to 'magnets' ... used to share it actually; however when I bought a new fridge shortly before retiring, I opted for an 'old fashioned' rounded look to the door with an enamel rather than rubberized finish. At the time I resolved to stop using magnets on it for fear it would 'chip' and there's nothing on it to this date other than the rubberized star from Weight Watchers proclaiming my 25lb loss ;--)

I hope you get a digital camera one of these days. I resisted for the longest time, but they're so tiny, light-weight and practical, I'm glad to have one ... seriously. It's pretty much point and shoot and takes great pictures.
Hugs and blessings,


I adore the cartoon.So funny
I have never been a magnet person for some reason.


Dear Joy ~~ My fridge is covered with a
lot of magnets - I get given quite a few, but have bought lots myself. Digital cameras are pretty easy Joy, so I hope you get one soon/ I had a great week with Peter and Warren and we went to see my daughter Kathy, as Peter wanted to show Warren The Great Ocean Road, near where their farm is. And all of five kids were home. They won't be home until Sunday. Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle.


Love the cartoon! My dog would probably eat them if she could reach them, lol.


What a great cartoon! I confess! I am a magnaholic too!


Oh, Joy.

Seriously a great post. Gravy, it could have been written by me on my magnetblog, though mine wouldn't have been as funny.

Seriously, take away the part about a digi cam and the kids part, and you have me. Me with the magnets, and me with all the stuff I have with my name on it.

I thought it was just me with all the stuff with our name on it. Thanks so much for the validation. :-)



The cartoon of the dog on the fridge should be a lesson to our LuAnn who still chews on anything and everything plastic. I have rescued a couple of magnets with puppy teeth marks in them just in the past few days.

As to digital cameras, they are so easy to use. You simply must get one and don't worry about the tech part. They are quite simple.
In other words, seek the "Joy" of a new adventure in photography. Groan.... sorry I just couldn't resist saying that.

Emma Jordan

I love magnents an was heartbrocken when I got a new stainless steel fridge, until I found Happeez Clippers by Mayfair Lane
problem solved.

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