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Joy, you are good. My son got our christmas tree out from it's place on the weekend. We'll have to make some time and do it this week for sure.


I'm so pleased to see that you don't go overboard with your decorations Joy, some people just don't know when to stop!!!!

Kay Dennison

I envy you having that done. I have a big box of stuff sitting here but first I have to sho ... er ... ah ... clean this joint. I've decided to have an open house to before Chrismas as motivation.


WOW! You have a whole lot of Christmas stuff, don't you??!! It looks great, Joy.

I've already decorated 12 trees, and we still have to do about 7-8 more. I may not have the energy needed to do my own tree after all that.


Snowmen and Snowomen - Angels and JOY. Thanks for sharing all the years of collecting your Christmas decorations. I love seeing your home - I collect snow people too.

Marianna Scheffer

Wow! This Christmas slacker is beyond astonished at such a lavish display!


Oh, Joy, one can never deck them halls too much (though I've never done the tree before Thanksgiving). I festooned my little hovel last night and put up my little fake tree in my office this morning. Carols are wafting at my desk as I type. Joy! Joy! Joy!


Your house looks WONDERFUL and how lovely that you had such good help. Maybe if I put on Christmas Carols I could be motivated to get some of my decorations out ... maybe?
Hugs and blessings,

Mary Kay

It looks beautiful! You actually have added a lot of stuff since the old days when we were there. I played "I spy" with the room and came across a couple of familiar things. Didn't I make that Santa on the strings that you have on the paneled wall? Isn't that the little Santa hiding on a bottom shelf that your mom gave each of us? What fun! There's lots of stuff but you have a much better way of finding the right place for things than I do. Lots of my stuff stays in the boxes nowadays, just don't have your flair. Enjoy the holidays and all the guests you will have three this year! We'll miss you!


Your decorations look wonderful. Great that you have all the help and wise that you allow them to assist. Just think you'll have a long time to enjoy your holiday environment while focusing on other things you'll be doing.


Oh my!!
I guess I really should finish sewing the new living room and dining room drapes so I can get started on my Christmas decorations.

Bear((( )))

TorAa Mirror

You say it clearly but in spite of that:
You got trapped;))

Here in Norway:
x-Mas Tree is decorated on December 23.
We can have window decorations from Dec 1. And of course the advent lights.
Alle the rest have to wait until Dec 23.

But let me add: We do not celebrate TG. X-Mas is the Family gatherings here. And it lasts for a week or so, depending of family traditions.

PS. I've posted some photos on my blog again;)


Hi, Joy,
I was by the other day and read your post. I understand what you had to say, but I must say I am a little bit envious of your having all that help to get your decorations up. I guess I need to break down and hire someone to set up my tree and put the lights on it for me.

Thanks always for your kind comments.


Oh Joy! I sit here in awe. I have never seen a home decorated like that....its truly beautiful. (and I can sure appreciate the work involved too). Your home is truly a reflection of who you are...a warm, loving person who honestly cares about everyone else. Your home is so inviting. I'm planning on moving next door. We can make Christmas cookies and I have a delicious recipe for authentic Scottish shortbread that is just so yummy with freshly brewed coffee. You can tell me the history behind each decoration and we'll make a scrapbook, complete with a picture of each. Fun, no? God Bless you Joy. I'm so happy you and I have 'met'.
p.s. I have some good online coupons if you want to do some shopping online and save your tootsies from all that walking! Let me know and I'll forward them on to you. Hugs. xxoo Val


Joyful, I sweat to God this is exactly what I pictured your house to look like!! I wanted to fly into the laptop and sit by that fireplace, play a little cards and catch up on life. Who would not want to come see "Mom" with all the love in that room. And Joe and Jenna????? Honestly...such blessings all of you. Have a beautiful holiday my friend. I love you and miss you!!!


The house is beautifully decorated and I enjoyed looking at all your pictures.

I had everything up by the second of December and today I wrote the Dogs' Letter to Santa. This is what happens when you get the house decorated early.. . time on your hands LOL

Roberta S

Hi joy, your house and tree are so lovely, but I like the little angel group the very best of all.
Enjoyed the tour very much.



Everything looks just wonderful at your place, Joy!

I'm not near that far along- even now!!

Enjoy the holiday!



Dear Joy ~~ Your home looks really
beautiful. So great that Joe and Jenna helped you with that. It is a good tiredness after achieving that
result. I have passed an award on to you my friend, Love, Merle.


Hi Joy! It's wonderful you're in the Christmas spirit. Have a jolly and blessed Christmas festive season. Cheerio.

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