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No way! That blows my mind. I wonder how many hours it took him to do just one of those.
What an incredible mind it would have taken.

Thanks for sharing.


I think Paul Smith was an amazing man with an extraordinary talent.

Thanks for printing his pictures and introducing him to us.

I especially appreciate his rendition of Mother Theresa. It is wonderful and looks exactly like her.


Wow! Wow! and Wow! That is unbelievable! Think what a great painter he would have been if he had the full use of his hand. He would rival Manet or Matisse. To produce art like this using a typewriter instead of a paintbrush.has to be ten times more difficult. It is simply incredible!


Wow … that’s and amazing story and these are awesome drawings! I appreciate you sharing with us in this manner and I’m sorry for the loss of this unique artist.
Hugs and blessings,


That art is sensational Joy, oh to be so talented.


Dear Joy ~~ What incredible talent to be able to produce such magnificent
artworks from a typewriter. Very time-
consuming by all the detail. Thanks for sharing this with us Joy. BTW i love the picture on the profile of you.
Thanks for your comment and take great care of yourself, Much love, Merle.

Kay Dennison

Fabulous!!!!!! Goes to show what a determined person can do to overcome adversity!


What a talent he had.
I especially liked the picture of Mother Theresa.
Thanks for sharing.

Bear((( )))


Amazing! What incredible patience.

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