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Very touching. Brought tears to my eyes.


Makes me very sad. But you had a beautiful life together, and your memories to sustain you (somewhat). Lovely photos!

Kay Dennison

I cried when I read this. I feel your pain -- not because I loved anyone that deeply and lost him but because you told this so beautifully and I feel your loss.

You are one of the lucky ones who has had that sort of love. I envy you.



Autumn is a beautiful time of the year, and obviously a bittersweet time for you as well.

What a poignant post Joy. Lovely.


I just discovered your blog with this beautiful story. The words and pictures touched me. Thank you for sharing.


What can I say about that beautiful post Joy, I am so pleased that you had all those wonderful Autumn memories to share with us, even the sad one in 2005 has been a part of what makes you the lovely person you are.
GTW. yes I'm almost ashamed to say the croc bait story is true, but it was all part of a great adventure.


That should be BTW of course.


The autumn is beautiful. I hope you only look back on past autumns with happiness.


Dear Joy ~~ A lovely post about the Autumns in your life. At least you had
your husband for a good many years and your wonderful family with him. Just remember the happier years, Joy.
Thanks for your comments about that sad poem from a 17 year old girl. Glad you liked the flower pics. Take great care of yourself, my friend. Much love,Merle.


The beautiful photos of beautiful fall foliage match the beautiful story of a happy marriage that was cut too short. Thank you for sharing.

Jory Des Jardins

I see that my preference for fall was somehow genetic! I insisted that I get married at that time of year, even with the sad memories. I do recall those last weeks of Dad's life, when I stayed with you and took my sanity walks. It was so eerily pretty outside. I made sure that I got to experience it.

Cop Car




What a wonderful post;so beautifully written.

It did bring tears to my eyes when you told us about losing your husband but,as others have said, you were fortunate to have had a life together than not all of your readers have had.

Thank you for telling us your story, it will make my day brighter thinking of the happiness you had with your loving husband and still enjoy with your children....


This post is so beautiful on many levels. We lost our loved one during this time of year, I think the beauty of fall reminds us of the beauty of her life.

God bless, my friend.


Wow … the Autumnal season has certainly played a huge roll in your life. What a lovely retrospective post you’ve written and shared. My thoughts are with you in this season filled with so many memories.
Hugs and blessings,


What a beautiful and touching tribute to your husband.
I can hardly type this with the tears in my eyes.
He was truly blessed to have such a loving wife.
Happy but bittersweet Autumn to you, dear Joy.

Bear((( )))


What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing the autumns in your life, the wonderful and the sad.

Thank God for memories.


That is beautiful, joy.


Joyful, you are such a magnificent writer. Thank you for sharing your autumns, your words always make me miss you and make me feel so blessed to have shared part of your autumns. That autumn evening at the work when we were late to the pizza dinner with the others. We were having to much fun getting to know each other. And here, I read your words about autumn, my wedding time, and also, the time my Dad died. I love this time of year, will always be bitter sweet. And like Jory, I remember taking care of my Dad and his last few weeks walking and staring a the miles of beauty outside with the miles of sadness inside my heart. Somehow, he is alive, everytime I see the leaves. Thank you! I love you!


Oh, Joy - this is just beautiful. I love autumn, so your autumnal paean (yikes!) really hit home. Wow!


How beautifully told! You are a magnificent writer, Joy, and we are so lucky to share your autumn memories.


What a beautiful story for a beautiful time of year, Joy. But please don't think that he drifted away like the leaves of Fall. He is very much with you, every minute of the your emotional post proves. Big hugs to you, dear friend. You have been, and still continue to be, genuinely blessed. Much love, Val


Thinking of you in the Autumn and all the year round. Love and Hugs

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