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Thanks Joy.

Kay Dennison

Awwwwwww thanks, Joy!!!! I think you are such a dear ans I treasure our friendship!!!


Ohhhhhhhhhhh Joy, thanks what an honor - especially coming from you - one of my dear, dear blog buddies and inspirations. Thank sweetie. Hugs across the miles.


Wow! Do I feel blessed being your friend. I like Kay feel blessed to have you for a friend. I've gathered a few extra friends over the years through my blog. I keep hoping that one day I'll meet these friends in person. Your one of them! Where is the BlogHer convention this year?


I’m delighted you enjoyed these awards and passed them along generously (as I did) ignoring ‘rulez’ for the most part. Thanks for the kind words and the linky-love, but methinks it’s not a ‘race’ and that no one’s ‘passing’ anyone … we’re just each journeying alongside one another … sharing our adventures along the way as we support and encourage one another. I owe so much to you for being there from the beginning … seriously! I’ll be happy to send you the code for Merle’s award … it’s one I received from Hootin’ Anni a while back.
Hugs and blessings,


Oh, award! I think this is the first award I've ever been given. Considering that I've been 'missing in action" so often lately, I'm amazed that you even remember me. *G* What a friend you are!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, and Virginia, too.

Hugssssss, my friend!


You are a sweetie for bestowing the "Million Dollar Friend" Award to my blog.
Just think it was only seven short months ago that I started blogging.
Whew--I've been a busy lady lately.
Did you get my email about my change of email address?
It is now

Again thank you so much Joy, an award coming from you means so much to me.

Bear((( )))


It's nice to see you get all those lovely awards!

Ronni Bennett

Aren't you kind to do this.Thank you, Joy. I'm blushing.


Dear Joy ~~ Congrats on all your awards - you deserve them all. And many thanks for passing the Million Dollar Award to me. I will get it on very soon and maybe one of the others as well. Virginia is a very busy lady, I had a read of some of her blogs. She has done very well in only a year. Thank you for your comments, glad you liked the Phone story, the pictures of Fluff and Buddy and also my pelargoniums. I have more of them to post. Take good care of yourself, dear friend. I love your new photo on the blog. If you find out what the words mean on that Award, would you let me know. Anni seems to know.
Love, always for being such a dear friend. Merle.

naomi dagen bloom

Joy, Had to cross the road to say "Bravo" for your comment today at TGB. In the great tradition of "whatever it takes," you found a way to celebrate the ONLY candidate worthy of our vote, Barack Obama.

Inventing an award, here's a cluck from A Little Red Hen!


Thank you so much, Joy...and I'm going to eagerly accept. It makes you feel so good to be acknowledged and I kind of need that right now. I guess its because I'm just so dang tired. So, this came along at just the right time. Your kind comments have always brought me joy...(pun intended)...seriously though...I sure do wish we were neighbors!! Big hugs and blessings. xxoo


Thanks so much Joy, for the awards!

I'm sorry I haven't yet mentioned them on my blog, but I will be sure to do so in the next few days!



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