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Mary Kay, sister-in-law and blessed aunt of your 4 children

Thanks so much Joy! I'm so lucky Ken has a great sister like you! Aren't you lucky, you'll always be younger than me! (only by 3 months to the day, remember that fellow bloggers, hint hint). well, we still have both hips and knees.
Love to all! M.Kay

Kay Dennison

Lovely!!!! And Happy Birthday Mary Kay!!!!!!!!!!!


You're welcome, Joy. I love the innocent things that children say. I remember with fondness the old Art Linkletter program, "Kids Say the Darndest Things." And they do, indeed.

Thank you for your description of me. I will take all the compliments I can get. ~;-).


Happy Birthday to sis-in-law Mary Kay

Joy those letters to God are adorable.
I really can't even begin to pick a favourite because they are all so sweet.

Bear((( )))


Did my comment not go through?
I am having such a time today with my computer.
Happy Birthday to sis-in-law Mary Kay

The letters to God are adorable.

Bear((( )))


Here I am back again.
Are you tired of me yet?

Please visit my blog tomorrow as I have a little gift for you and I will be posting the names of the five bloggers that I am giving the Million Dollar award.

Bear((( )))


Belated Happy Birthday, Mary Kay!


I hope Mary Kay had a lovely birthday! Thanks for sharing these wonderful children’s letters ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

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