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Kay Dennison

Great Maxines! And yeah, I like homemade costumes. Last year I almost died laughing when a 15-year old boy about 6'2" showed at my door in a pink chiffon prom dress! It was a hoot! I asked him if he wanted me to take a photo for his coach and team at the high school. He laughed and said, "No thanks, ma'am!"


HA! you know I love all the Maxine comics, especially the one about getting naked.....LOL

I like homemade costumes, too, but I was never good at coming up with ideas. I am going to a party Fri. night and I wanted to go as a bag of jelly beans, but I can't figure out how to drive with that on!!


Gosh I love Maxine.
Thanks for posting some great ones.
I remember the year I made my son a costume that looked like a Rubic's cube.
He won 1st prize at school and was really happy but Halloween night he realized how difficult it was trick or treating in a box.
Bear((( )))


I love Maxine - my alter ego. I'm stealing one of the cartoons. lol


I always get a good laugh from Maxine. Don't get trick or treaters any more. Think their parents take them to private parties.


And a happy Halloween to you and Maxine.




I went to the Garden Center the other day and bought 3 pumpkins for my porch steps.

They were not very attractive;all misshapen and shriveled.

But, what does it matter? They will only be on my steps for 6 months or so.....


Halloween has faded into the realm of memories for me. We don't have many children in our subdivision and last year I was left with a bowl of Snickers. Not a single trick or treater came to my door and that was the start of gaining five more pounds.


Thanks for sharing the Halloween Humor via Maxine today. Sorry about the Halloween hooligans smashing windows last year. Moving the car makes sense to me. No reason to take the chance of a repeat. We’ve had kids slash tires and ‘key car doors’ … and I just don’t understand such vandalism! So do you have pictures of Jory & Julie as dice or the twins as teabags? Inquiring minds and all you know …
Happy Halloween to you too ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


Hi Joy. Love the strips of humor!

Here's wishing you a jolly moonie halloween!


Happy Halloween to you, Joy.


Dear Joy ~~ Happy Halloween - I hope
you all have a lovely time and enjoy it. The cartoons are good also,
I have a few meals ready in my freezer
but will more tomorrow. I wish you could be here and try some samples and chat - it would be lovely. Take care,
dear friend, Love, Merle.


I love Maxine! She is my new role model.

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