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I knew some of them and I did cheat a bit because I'm cooking dinner and didn't have enough time. Is that a good enough excuse. With the vege that doesn't need planting every year, does garlic count?


I did pretty well with the test. And that makes me feel good.

Good luck with your hip. I hope it feels better every day.



I have seen that test before, so I didn't want to do it again. I did miserably on it the first time...LOL

I hope your hip gets well all by itself!


Glad to hear that the doctor thinks the hip will be okay.

I got # 1 2 5 8 correct.

Could only think of dwarf for #6
and shoes socks sandals and slippers for #9

Great test Joy

Bear((( )))


I'm glad to hear that time will take care of the hip pain.

As to the test; I'm not telling.


I did better on the word things than the other stuff.


Thanks for the update about your hip. Hope you’re back to 100% soon. As for the quiz … I knew about the pear growing inside the bottle & ‘lettuce … thought of dwarf (but not the other two) … listed all the punctuation marks except ‘braces’ and all the ‘s’ things for ‘feet’ except stilts, skis, and snowshoes … so I’d call that about a C … possibly C+ ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Julie Des Jardins

I got the dws and the s's on the feet. That's about it Lady.


My brain was too tired to take the test. Glad you're on the mend. Guess that's a cautionary tale about dancing I'll take to heart. Am headed to Vegas for a couple of days with friends whose whose son has a blues band we're going to hear. Should I venture on to the dance floor I'll move with caution.

TorAa Mirror

Very challenging for a Norwegian

It's more:
#1: Cross country skiing, ski-jumping, biathlon, wrestling, nordic combined (in the earlier days)
#3: Tomatoes - if condsidered a vegetable

#8: I've bought lettuce canned (Chinese)

Paul Nichols

Can you bleeve it? We have 3 friends at church just getting over hip and knee replacements. Then a neighbor fell down the step and ripped her ankle to shreds this afternoon. It must be the water around here. She drove herself to the hosp, but we went and got her and brought her back.

Thanks for the good news about your own body parts. And thanks for that intriguing test. I saw it many moons ago. Had forgotten everything, so it was sorta new again. I remembered #s 1,2,4 and 7.


Dear Joy ~~ I am so glad you like my Header with your name in it. Peter did do well. Glad your weather is still nice as it is here,Won't be so pleasant soon. I hope your hip is feeling better each day, dear friend. Much love, Merle.


Hi again Joy ~~ My name on my header, not yours. and I like the line below -
I love my friends who live in my computer. Bye, Love, Merle.


Hope you are healed and feeling frisky - a little behind in my blog visits. Loved the quiz - the pear in the bottle is neat. Hugs.

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