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Kay Dennison

Yes, it's incredible!!!!!!! What a performance!!!!

Since my kids grew in competitive swimming and my son is a college swimming coach, I watch these events with interest and knowledge of the mechanics and hard work that are behind his triumph.

It really is a grueling sport and this is quite an accomplishment!!!!


I usually have to struggle to stay awake after 9 pm, but last night I was wide awake to see Phelps win his 9th Gold Medal. After that 'squeaker' when he won #8 it was very a very dramatic moment.


Hi Joy, Michael Phelps has done the impossible with his 8 Golds, he, America and in fact the world can be very proud of this.
The gardens featured in your previous post are certainly beautiful, I haven't seen them before.... there is just too much to see!!!


Wasn't that 400 meter medley the most exciting race ever? I had to watch through my fingers as Jason Lezak completed his leg and assured Michael Phelps of his 8th medal. It was sports teamwork at its best!

I was very proud of our young women gymnasts,too. Shawn Johnson was really a good sport about losing that Gold medal at the very end to the girl from Romania.
She kept that nice smile on her face and her chin up as she left the venue. I was proud of her.

I remember when Michele Kwan came in second and went on a late night show and was asked how it felt to lose the Gold. Michele said, "I didn't lose the Gold, I won the Silver."

We are justly proud of our young athletes.


We've been following Michael's progress closely too. I'm so glad he broke all those records. He is dedicated to his sport - and to his family and to his country.

This is a good thing! Our children need heroes who are worthy of the title.


yes, and on top of that, it did react as a real sportsman. Not a sign of "I'm the best, looking down at his competitors". really great sportmanship.

By the way, I'm on my way to nominate you to a veru special Award.

Why? Because I think more people would learn and have a good time reading your blog.

btw. Suzann and I talked a lot about your blog when I was in St Paul.


I remember watching Mark Spitz win all those medals as a kid. It was amazing then as it is now. It did take somebody 36 years to reach and then overtake his record. They are both amazing swimmers. I don't think I'll see the likes of it again.


I remember Mark Spitz. Is it really 36 years?!!

What a fantastic achievement.


Can you even imagine the pride his family has? My grandson has met him before. I had tears streaming down my face when Shawn Johnson's parents hugged each other and cried HARD, after she'd won the gold medal for balance beam.


Yup ... I watched all these races too and am thrilled for Michael's inspiring accomplishment. He seems like such a 'grounded' fellow too. Hugs and blessings,

Jail Break

Congratulations ! It's really amazing .. great player isn't it .. great stamina.. I mean great skills ! Michael Phelps is one of the good player in swimming right now ! Good job ! Keep posting !

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