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Happy Blogiversary!!! I would have thought it was longer than that, but you lose track of time when you're having so much fun!!

Average Jane

Congratulations on your blogging anniversary from someone who has read you from the beginning. :)


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Three years … wow! How interesting that you were a Blogoholic when you started. I’d never even READ a blog when I began … of course a lot had changed since then and I’m totally addicted now ;--)

I enjoyed reading your very 1st post … learning how you got started … the significance of ‘six’ in your life. I do enjoy your blog … your sense of humor … and the interesting images you share (like the ones from Beijing). I understand the ‘guilt’ … am experiencing it myself currently. Your husband’s passing reminds me a lot of my dad’s … everything happened too quickly for me, but it was as he wished it to be.

This was a lovely way to celebrate … and thank YOU for sharing yourself with us through your blog.
Hugs and blessings,


Joy, three years already. Goodness me. I remember your first post because I read Jory's blog and she told us that you had started. I've stayed with you on your blogging journey and intend to in the future. And you were clever knowing your were a blogaholic before you'd really even started.


Happy blogiversary!!! Yay! 3 year olds are adorable.


Happy Bloggy Anniversary Joy!

Cop Car

Good morning, Joy--
Who knew that it had been three years? Congratulations! You've just always "been there", to me. I've always loved your ability to cope with whatever life throws at you and your wonderfully wicked sense of humor. Thank you, thank you, dear one...for being you. (I agree that three is a darling age.)
Cop Car


Happy Blogiversary! You are an inspiration to me and I am so glad that Nancy introduced me to your blog and to the help you offered.

As one who started pretty much the away you did, reading and commenting on other blogs, I finally took the plunge and am addicted also. It seems like blogs consume my every waking thought. Maybe I need counseling. ;-).



I really enjoy reading your posts, and especially love your clever verses.....


Congratulations and Happy 3rd Blogerversary to you Joy.
I only joined the blogosphere a mere five months ago and I will always remember when you left your first comment on my blog.
I was astounded that someone as important as you would have read my blog much less leave a comment.
Your friendship and your many kind words have inspired me to do the very best that I can on my blog.
All the best to you Joy and keep on blogging.

Bear((( )))


I could not do without my fix
Of the Joy Of Six.

Congratulations sweetie pie.


Ole Phat Stu

Just to congratulate you
On your three
Years of blogging.

Only bloggers can have such

Seriously though,
It's great reading you, just like
Xmas ;-)


Congratulations on your Third Blogging Anniversary!

Enjoyed reading your first post. What a contrast your entry was with the way I bumbled and lurched unintentionally into starting my blog prematurely, soon to be two years ago. My home page is still lacking from what I hope to someday make time to refine.

I emphathize with some of the sense of blogger's support you must have experienced that first year after your husband's death. I've certainly valued the kind words you've sent my way a year or so later under similar circumstances.

Reading what you write, the narratives and poetry, viewing your pictures has been both serious at times and laughingly funny at other times. Keep writing and I'll keep reading.

Paul Nichols

Well, thanks for letting me in on your neat little blog. And thank you for sharing comments on mine.

Happy day for you!


Dearest, Darling Joy - Happy Blogiversary - in these last few years I feel like you have become an important blog sister and part of my family. I love, love, love your blog and you - thank you for smiles, tears and so much inspiration. Love across the miles - congratulations.


Congratulations, Dear Joy!

I am so happy you took the plunge to start a blog. I'm happy I did too! :)



Ronni Bennett

Let me add my congratulations to this list. Yours is one of the most delightful blogs around. Happy anniversary.


Congratulations Joy!!! If I can make mine just ONE QUARTER as enjoyable and readable as yours, I will be happy. I'm so glad I found you and even though I don't always have time to comment, I'm an appreciative reader! Love and Hugs, Val


Congratulations, Joy!

Jory Des Jardins

Hey Ma--you went from being my primary commenter to having loads of your own comments. A commuity! I'm so blown away by all you've accomplished. And so happy to have it all here where I can go back and remember.


Dear Joy ~~ What a wonderful post for your third blogoversary, with the reminders of your first post, which was a great one. I used to comment on Peter's blog before I started min (Dec.'05) I consider you a very dear friend Joy, and like you I love blogging and the terrific people that we meet here. Many congrats, and here's to the nexr three years and beyond. Thanks for your comments about our partying for Jeanette's B'day.
Take care of yourself, Much love, Merle.


Congratulations Joy on your third anniversary, you may have noticed that I went into withdrawal a little after that date came round, but the change of direction has given me a new lease of blog life.


Hi Joy! Congrats on 3 years of blogging. I've enjoyed every one of your posts. Thank you...and hoping to read more...Cheerio.


Happy Blogaversary, Joy! So glad you started blogging and stuck with it. Here's to many more 'versaries!

Roberta S

(Raising my glass of rhubarb wine). A toast to you, Joy, for so many heartfelt words, pics of beauty, poems, and kindly thoughts. Your blog is always a joy to read, always a pleasure to share. Happy Blogoversary, may you celebrate many, many more!


Belated happy blogiversary, Joy! You are so right when you list all the things that worry us bloggers: too much time spent blogging, too little spent visiting etc etc. But like you, I wouldn't be without it. I count my blogging friends as valuable as the ones who live within 1 mile of me. And I am delighted to have you amongst them.

You are a wonderful writer with a super family and a great outlook on life. God bless your next 3 and more years blogging!

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