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I remember....way back when...I first bought a computer and was afraid to hook up to the Internet, claiming that never would MY life be dependent on a computer. I do most everything by computer...banking, bills, shopping, socializing. My routine has become dependent on a computer. Its convenient but its sort of frightening to think of being without it because now I'm used to the convenience. I don't even RECEIVE paper bills in the mail anymore...they are, for the most part, online. Sigh...I guess I've made myself dependent.


I get frantic when I lose my computer connection, so I understand!

Ronni Bennett

You're so right about "and a layman is supposed to understand this stuff?"

By now, computers should work like light switches, but it seems there are even more things that can go wrong that 20 years ago.

My sympathies...


You can always call me Joy, I can help you too - and you can just come over here and work for a bit if you want.

Speaking of which, we need to set up a work together date for next week. I have jobs for you! haha. :-)


Your post reminded me about the time I got disconected from the internet.
The problem was totally my fault.
Who knew that you should never spill a glass of white wine on your modem?
Imagine my embarrasement when I had to explain *that* to my supplier.

Bear((( )))


I have suffered the same anxieties. I was able to work from home once or twice a week, and I have to check on important things, like blogs and the age of tv personalities.

Without an internet connection, life is very frustrating. I hope your problem is fixed.


Methinks many of us feel as you do ... respond similarly ... and try to tell ourselves the same things, but the bottom line is we're 'hooked' electronically and feel 'disconnected' with something happens. I'm glad your troubles were short-lived and hope all's well now.
Hugs and blessings,


It's crazy in a way, that we, our age, in such a short time have been addicted to internet. I ponder why?
We have Cell Phones. We have Phones, still. We can write Snail Mails. So, what's up?
Is it the Fact that both family and friends can read what we are up to.
And even people from around the world can be fascinated and interested in our thoughts and daily life wherevere we do live?

Btw. Sorry I can't meet you in the Windy City this year. It's pity. As I arrive July 31 and leave August 11. next time.

Tor in Norway



Well, I'm glad it's all fixed for you , Joy!

I panic- big time~ and I HAVE no work related to my computer time!!




I recently had a nasty virus/trojan on my computer and I was nearly pulling my hair out in anxiousness! I can totally relate with you. Glad it's working now. I would suggest backing up the files on your computer though - just in case!


We have all been there in one way or another. There is nothing more worrisome and helpless feeling than dealing with an internet connection that goes out. I think internet support help could be made much simplier and more customer friendly.


I saw the title of your blog in someone's sidebar, and I came to take a look. I love it. Yes, it is amazing how internet-dependent we become, isn't it.


Well, I'm glad you managed to get back. Thank heavens for IT-cognisant family, friends and experts! Like you, I get twitchy if I can't get online for a period of time howvere short!

Mary Chandler

I spent the weekend trying to get my puter working right!! no internet at all. tonight I come in to see whassup and she is working fine!! go figure


Dear Joy ~~ Sorry you have had problems and they sure do worry us
as there's so much we don't know about our computers. Hope it is fixed permanently now. Hope you are well apart from the worry. Take care
dear friend, Love, Merle.


Hi Joy. I go bonkers! Knowing is one thing but practice...haha? Couldn't help smiling though, knowing I'd be in the same boat! Take care.



How about when you call for Tech support and the phone is answered at the call center in India.

"Hello, this is Bill,what's your name?" And his grasp of English ends with that sentence. Now you are on your own and if you don't understand him somehow,it's your fault.

I heard of the guy who applied for that tech support job and the test for him was: " Use the words Green,Pink,and Yellow in a sentence."

"EASY",he says:

"The phone go green,green,green.
I pink it up and
say yellow, yellow."

He was hired on the spot and told his name from now on would not be Mujibar; he was Steve.....


I can sure emphathize with you. My dtrs computer crashed a few weeks ago -- permanently died. I missed our email connection. I've spent more than my share of hours on the phone with India last year, but for some time all has been well here. Hope it's not a lull before another storm. Glad you you're up and running -- I mean your computer, of course!


Yikes! The whole computer? I lost access to my site meter for two days and thought that was rough. We're spoiled,aren't we?

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