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Like you, my dear friend, I have joined the ranks of the getting healthy club! I laughed reading about your walks and the angry souls (dogs) you pass...that is probably what I appeared as on my first stroll out of the house and away from the television!! In any event, as I walk (ride) down here, I find myself thinking of you strolling as well. Miles may keep our bodies apart, but not our you Joyful!


I knew you would be a note taker.
I never was but as the years fly by I think I will start because it seems to be getting more difficult for me to remember things to do.
That is one good thing about blogging, at least I have a record of what has happened in my life now.


Dear Joy ~~ I hope Julie and her family are enjoying their trip, At
least no cooking is a break for her, and her husband and his parents will help a little with the children.
Thank you so much my friend for your congrats for Kate and she should have a wonderful time. She has worked hard for years and saved money and deserves this trip and has a few weeks to learn a little French. Take care dear Joy
and thank you for sending a couple of your friends over to wish me Happy B'day. Much love, Merle.


I cannot remember knowing anyone who derived as much pleasure and joy as you do out of being a mother of adult kids. That is great!

Go Cubbies...



I loved hearing about all of your family stuff.

You, dear Joy, are such a wonderful mom! I shows in every word you write about your family!



mary lou

Did she leave from Seattle? If so I probably watched her sail by! I go down to the beach and watch the cruise ships leave and come back!! I pretend I am on them going to exotic places. They all sail right by my house! Tell her to wave when she comes back!


How fun to catch up with what’s going on in your kids’ lives and with you in today’s post. It seems like too long since I’ve dropped by, but once the French Open ends this weekend … I should have more time again to visit more regularly.
Hugs and blessings,


The love for and of your family just shouts itself out from your words. What a wonderful mom you are and your children all sound just as caring and loving as you. What a great family you have! God bless.


My mom could never keep track as well as you do!


Oh how I wish my kids lived closer - it is wonderful to hear of your family doings dear Joy.


And we are glad you take notes!

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