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Even in the country, where nobody is supposed to have a dog loose, the same thing can happen. I remember when I did live in town and it seemed like in the suburb everybody had a huge dog, like a Great Dane or St. Bernard and they all would do that barking as though they owned the road. It can be very scary and owners always say oh they would never bite... yeah right


Our Polly is a non-barking enthusiastic greeter of new people. I hope she always stays that way. I wonder how many of these dogs actually get a walk.


Same in our neighborhood -- almost every house has at least one pooch. It is like a chorus when one will bark at something, then another will answer, and another, until there's suddenly a choir of a dozen or more of them all barking and howling just because the others are...


What adorable photos of dogs you posted.
Just makes me want to get another.
I *NEED* a puppy!

Kay Dennison

Cute puppies!!!

The Rottweiler across the street scares me. His name is Cain and his owners tell me he's a cupcake but I give him wide berth.

Then there's the sheriff's deputy's Irish Setter whose name is Shannon but thinks he's Clifford the Big Red Dog -- what a sweetie. And Chance next door is a cutie 'cept he poops in my flower beds when he visits with his momma! LOL To her credit, she insists on cleaning up after him.

Why does everyone think they need a big dog these days?


Precious puppies. I go through stages of wanting a doggie so badly but then I remember the responsibility and other issues so I talk myself out of it. I do know when I had a dog I walked about 2 miles every day. Oh well.


I love puppies … and these are ADORABLE!!!!! I don’t much like dogs that bark at me (and Molly) when we walk by, but I do understand that some dogs seem to think it their job to do so.
Hugs and blessings,


George would be happy to talk to you if you walked by here. In fact, he'd be happy to walk with you!

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