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Man Lady. It's very weird to read a post and know you're talking right to me!! It's all ironic because everyone you talked about would tell you that you're the best mom EVER. You are the most unconditionally maternal person I'll ever know. You don't have to work at it like I do--it's your core Lady! You've devoted your life to us, and we all know it and try to live our lives in gratitude--what we accomplish and what we are is a reflection of you!

Love you,


Happy Mother's Day, Joy.

YOU are a great mom. I know this because you FEEL like a mom of course all of those stories Jory has told about you don't hurt.



How wonderful to have such memorable women in your family. And I'm certain that you are a great mother and friend as well.

And I'd like to wish you a very happy Mother's Day.


That's a beautiful tribute to all those moms. But you left one out! I'm sure Julie would say she's what she is because of you! Oh, look, she has!


There is just absolutely NOTHING better in this world than having your own Mom tell you what a great Mom YOU are. To your 91-yr old MIL, I bow to her and say Bless her heart. What a rich life she has had! Look at all the changes she's lived through. She has such a wealth of information within....could you ever interest her in dictating stories to you? I so wish I had done this with my 94 yr old grandmother before she died. My own Mom, sad to say, has been gone for 25 years now. There is not one single day that I don't miss her. She was my best friend as well as my Mom and my heart aches for her. So many time when I glance at myself in the mirror, I see her looking back at me. It takes my breath away.
This is a beautiful post written by a true Mom who is obviously loved deeply. This is what its all about, Joy. Hugs!


That first comment by Julie has to be the best possible Mama's Day gift you could have. You're one lucky Mom...

Happy Mother's Day, Joy!


Happy Mother's Day!


Happy Mother's Day!


Happy Mother's Day Joy!


Dear Joy ~~ A beautiful tribute to the Moms in your life and Julie's comment was so lovely. our regular readers know how sweet and kind you are as we share is your life from afar. I enjoyed seeing both my sons over the weekend and enjoyed Mothers Day but wish my daughter lived closer. I hope your day was beautiful dear Joy. Your mother-in-law sounds wonderful.
Take care my friend, Love,Merle.


Merle has certainly said it for us all....this is an incredible tribute to your family. I find it amazing that your comments covered both the vertical and horizontal relationships on your genealogy tree. So often we think of our mothers or our daughters on this day, but your praises passed the bounds of marriage to encompass ALL the wonderful women in your life.

Congratulations on nurturing such a lovely family, Joy! I'm wishing you a "Happy Mother's Day" today, although you deserve it every day of the year!


Joy,may you and all the other Mothers in your life have a wonderful Mother's Day today.


What a lovely tribute to all the ‘mothers’ in your family. I hope you fully enjoyed celebrating Mother’s Day with YOUR family this year ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


Really nice tributes to all the really great Moms in your family and them to you. Pictures of cute little redheads always catch my eye, too! (Yeah, I'm prejudiced in favor of redheads.)


Hi Joy! My belated mother's day joys to you. Some wonderful words to mums at different stages of life. Do have a great weekend. LOL.

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