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I noticed that, you do have skinny fingers! ;-)

Good job on the neighborhood walking and when we get there, we'll go for walks with you. It's more fun to walk with someone anyway - just a warning, TW walks crooked and tries to run people off of sidewalks. It's ok, I'm used to it and will run interference so she doesn't knock you over.



That's me too!

The computer has been an escape for me- especially after my mom's death...and all the changes with my grandkids etc...

But I realize I need to balance things out better in my life now!

I need the exercise too! I need to lose a LOT of weight! Skinny fingers are fine- but I need a skinnier body to go with them! :)



PS- good luck to both of us!! :)


You've broken the code. I know that blogging is why my butt keeps spreading and my legs have turned to jelly.

I went to my health club today and had a good workout, but my problem is not beling able to do that 3 times per week on a regular basis!!


Joy, good on you for taking your doctor's advice and exercising. Seriously, once you get used to going for walks I reckon you'll look forward to them.

Perhaps you can take a camera with you and take photos.

I find it also helps to have a goal in mind, eg walking to the shops or the post office. Have you thought of getting a dog? I call mine my personal trainer because she forces me out the door.


Oh, sweetie...I'm SO glad you went to the doctor. I totally understand how you feel about that, but you needed to hear that advice so that you'll be here for a good long time! By the way, I'm right there with you, on every problem. I need that lecture, too!

Has it ever occured to you that you might be meant to create an exercise support group for those of us addicted to our computers??? Like you, I have no stop button once I turn on the computer. Just as I have no stop button when it comes to eating.

Portion control, frequency of meals and adequate excercise will be our by-words from now on!

You have my support, always! Anytime I can help, just let me know.


I haven't had any major life crises, but I understand about the whole computer thing replacing any kind of exercise. But my fingers aren't even skinny. I admire anyone who starts (or re-starts) a health regime. Good luck!


Yes I too blame the computer for the fact that in the last three years I have gained 23 pounds. But I also think my metabolism changed when I became post-menopausal.
Bravo to you for starting to walk around your neighbourhood.


Ohmygosh! You must be a ‘sister separated at birth’ … for my doctor behaves similarly regarding ‘meds’ when I let too much time pass between visits … and (although I’ve only been at it a relatively brief time) blogging has caused me to exercise less (much to Molly’s dismay). Perhaps I’ll make an effort to follow your good example and make a commitment to myself to turn over a new leaf too. Of course, the Photoshop class I'm taking won't help me with that goal. Good luck with YOUR changes.
Hugs and blessings,


Hey, get up and get going. I learned the hard way to take better care of me. I'm doing good now, but it took an emergency to scare the ice cream out of my hands!


Good for you Joy. I love Suzz comment about:
"it took an emergency to scare the ice cream out of my hands!"



I won't say I'm fat but:

At our supermarket they have one of those giant talking scales. There was a crowd looking on as I stepped on the scale yesterday. Then it happened.

Instead of announcing my weight the scale intoned:



Hi Joy,exercise all you want... some of us are meant to be "robust".... with skinny fingers though.


I have skinny fingers too! That sounds a lot like me - not knowing when to stop blogging and go to bed. But I do have George who insists on a dilay walk. Have you thought of getting a dog?

(Now that's an interesting way of typing 'daily'!)

Martin Tip

Just found your site by accident doing a search for something completely unrelated. I very much like what i have seen so far! Added your RSS feed to my rss reader, looking forward to reading more. thanks


One thing we both know for sure, Joy - life really is short. I am so glad you are taking your doctor's guidance to heart. I know how difficult it is - I am now working on losing the weight I have gained since banishing the ciggies from my life - cripes, it is hard. I am here for you - cheering you along every step of the way. Hugs


dear Joy ~~ Good on you and do please keep it up as when you get to my age, you CAN'T exercise, and you DO have health problems. You will find it easier the longer you are doing it. The bike and walking are both good and just watch what you eat. We are all cheering you on my dear friend, lots of fruit and juice drinks,lots of water. Best of luck which means hard work. Loved the photos of Bella and Bastian - they really love each other and it shows.Take care my friend,Love you, Merle

Mary Kay (the sister-in-law)

Not to discourage you're walking regiment but here are a couple of things to think about, (or add some humor to your thoughts as you walk/ride the bike)

"Walking adds minutes to your life, this enables you to spend an additional 5 months in a nursing home, at $8000/month."

"I have to walk early in the morning before my brain figures out what I'm doing."

"The only reason I would take up walking is so that I could hear heavy breathing again."

We all get heavier as we get older, because there's a lot more information in our heads. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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