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Gee---------thanks a lot Joy!

Now I am going to have to spend MY weekend finding the other 2 horses and one more person in those photos.


I could only find five horses, but I found all four people in the next one. Then I had to give up on the one with 11 faces. It just wasn't large enough. Heck, I even have trouble finding Waldo in those book the kids love.

Have a great, safe week-ed


Wow … these are nifty indeed! What a fun post! I’m glad I found it on a day like today when I could ‘linger’ and enjoy each image. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,


Hi Joy! I always something refreshing and creative...yes, I'm enjoying my weekend because of these pictures. Still have yet to find the answers though. Have a good and hot weekend then!


Dear Joy ~~ Great pictures and the
puzzles - I found quite a few but not all. Thank you for your comments about my scan and I am so relieved.I am so sorry your friend hasn't fared so well. I asked about the operation if it should be necessary. I was told they make small incision under the ear and jaw and just clean out the clots and put it back together.
It sounds easy, and I do hope your friend gets on OK. Keep up with the exercise dear Joy, it will be worth it. I'll sen an e mail which may help. Take care, Love, Merle.


I love this stuff, Joy. Very cool. (And I need a lotta cool today!)


Dear Joy - I love this stuff. Very cool! (And I really need some cool today.)


Wow, now I'm dizzy from the horses and columns and waterfall and faces. What fun.


I could only find 5 horses. I found 4 faces (and a dog!) in the 4 people one. Then I lost count on the one which has 11 faces. Wasn't sure if I was counting the same ones twice!

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