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Joyful, you are just too funny! Listen, you are going to love me (even more than you do) when I introduce you to:
This organization started with a small group of people that believed we, as members of the greater community, needed to go to the dump less!! In response to your last writing, I just wanted to let you know that when we posted our precious "stuff", EVERYTHING goes within hours also. We have met amazing people along the way, and Steve and I have passed on our share of treasures, and picked up some in the process. The best of which are the people that share the greater "goods"! Like many other communities, Freecycle. org is fabulous! Check them out...
Much love to you! And I'm glad you can actually walk to the curb now without the cold white stuff in your way! Happy Spring!


Congratulations. You are on your way to de-cluttering.

I've recently made SOME progress in that area. We moved about four years ago, I was able to ditch some stuff.
But the place where we moved has a smart owner. He left a lot of stuff behind!

After four years, I decided that I would start pitching anything I had not touched in the last two years.

Lo and behold some of it ended up back in the garage! Nancy had "plans."

You have started, now make the commitment that you will set out three things every week.


Re: Freecycle. It sure is a worthy idea, but for those of us who must act on impulse or it won't get done, Freecycle requires quite bit of preparation and planning.


I wish it was that easy here. We live on a cul-de-sac and no one drives by here unless they have a purpose. I have to have garage sales to get rid of mine!


Wait! Stop! Don't do it! You've got good stuff lurking in that house, don't put it at the curb til I get there to come and pick it up. Heh.

We did that when we cleaned our garage. About half of what we were going to get rid of just went to the curb and within a few days it was almost all gone. The only thing that didn't go were a couple of really broken bookshelves.


I have several boxes of books I'm keeping for some reason. Maybe...


You know, I fantasize all the time about doing just exactly what you're doing now. My family members have so much "stuff" and it is taking over! I'll bide my time . . .

Oh, I am so envious!


Now I know what I can do on this rainy Monday morning. Go down to the dungeon aka basement and begin to declutter the storage room. Why do we have storage rooms by the way? I truthfully can not remember ever taking something from the storage room and using it.


My husband must be like your husband was: we have loads of old monitors and bits of computers and cables and all sorts of junk. Just in case. Just in case of what?!!!

Well done on the first small steps.


Hello Joy,

After reading your post I decided to try to get rid of some stuff from our garage,too!

So, this morning being our trash day, I jumped out of bed and without combing my hair or taking off my old bathrobe, I rushed to the garage to find something to throw away.

The men were already in my street, almost to my driveway, when I found something and ran down toward the trash truck, yelling, "Am I too late for the trash?

The man looked at me and said, "No,lady, jump in!"


Ohmygosh ... do I ever relate to everything you've written here and if you need proof, check out today's Meme of Fives in the 2nd half of today's Fun Monday post at Small Reflections. I'm SUCH a packrat (love the graphic by the way ... do you mind if I 'snag' it?)

I've been trying to 'declutter' for years and am exceedingly grateful I didn't bring ANY teaching materials home with me when I retired or they'd be cluttering up my living and storage space even now. I work at it little by little ... day by day ... and have made a decision NOT to bring any NEW stuph into my home until the old stuph is gone. That helps ... but I might be working at this until my time is up and still have 'stuph' left. Sigh!

I am going to check out freecycle dot org mentioned by your 1st commenter however ... and maybe that will help?

Here in So Cal all 'computer stuph' is considered 'hazardous waste' and can't be put in the trash or the alley. Fortunately we can take it to the hazardous waste center a couple of times each year.

Hugs and blessings,

Roberta S

joy, this really changes the whole context of decluttering. Nice to see that the things so hard to part with are still in want by someone else. I need closer neighbors. I take stuff to the trash, walk around the kitchen three times, wondering if I'm doing the right thing, and then run back out there to retrieve it all. Muttering about the mysteries of those who hoard money, stocks, and bonds, while they accusingly berrate me for hoarding in a similar way nostalgic bits and pieces of my life.


I had to chuckle when I read this. i love it that the "stuff" was picked up by someone who thought they had a real treasure.


Oh dear, you are my inspiration! I'm the packrat, clutterbug in this house, or I became one a few years ago when I finally realized I just couldn't keep everything up to snuff the way I always had and maintain my physical health and sanity.

My dear husband was the sense of reason, though he often went overboard on what he'd discard. Now I no longer have his guiding force and must get myself in hand and rid out not only the garage of items, but this whole house.

There must surely be some sort of award for people who do what you're doing! Someday maybe I can win it, too.


I am a lot like your husband was -- a packrat of the first order. My garage, my storage spaces, and my office/workshop runneth over. Roomie will have a ball throwing it all away.

Paul Nichols

You'll never be sorry. We did that once. Same result.

I really enjoyed those anagrams. Was wondering if I can snitch them and add them to my joint?


Don put out an old computer monitor on the curb for the trash men, and someone came by and cut off the cables. I guess everything has some value to some people.



Oh! You are SUCH a good influence! My basement is calling out to be cleaned as I sit here and type. I need to embrace the Nike motto and "Just DO IT!" I should have done it before gardening season arrived. Now I can blame the garden work for not getting the basement cleaned out.

I understand about pitching things out. In my spare time, I dream of uncluttered rooms filled with light and space.

Keep up the good work!


I've been reading for a while but have never commented before. This post made me really chuckle. The stuff at the curb is the blue light specials of a yard sale. Amazing...human nature! I have so much stuff to get rid of myself. You've inspired me, that's for sure. Val

Cop Car

Humph! Now that I've emailed you, Joy, the comments box appears.

Just want you to know that you (and many others) are using the time-honored method for getting rid of junk that I have used for years. Frequently, it has been a neighbor who has seen what I put out and either took it or came to the door to ask for it (got rid of mattress/boxsprings and several sets of old, metal shelves that way). Other times, I've had someone call me to ask if they could take the natural gas grill or whatever that I had set out. Now, I try to remember to put something on the item(s) that announces: Free! A rather good lawnmower went that way (I think the paper carrier took it as, the next week I put out some parts/instructions/ignition key and saw the carrier stop his pickup truck to get them), a set of bar stools (the seat stuffing had totally discinitigrated), tire chains, etc. I've not tried computer stuff because Hunky Husband won't turn loose of any of it (there's an ancient monitor in the closet in his den--plus--he has 4 computers in his den, 3 of which work!

Keep up the good work. Half of our house needs "the treatment"!

Cop Car

You don't know what "discinitigrated" means? Oh, me! My fingers got totally away from me. Let's try: "disintegrated"!


When you finish working on your garage, come work on mine. I am like you were. I just go out and look around, and then go back in the house and have another cup of coffee.

Or well, maybe I will get around to it in the fall.


Hi, Joy. I would have responded to your delightful post earlier but I was getting ready for, having, and recovering from yet another garage sale. After three years, I'm still getting rid of stuff! I've been giving away stuff on the local Freecycle for a couple of years and met some nice people. One thing about Freecycle, there's usually always someone who wants what you are giving and will come pick it up. As for books, our USO welcomed them, bet the VA hospital would, too. The last time my neighbor put out an old TV stand, we made bets on what time it would disappear. Three hours later he won.

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