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I'm like you, only worse. When I come from a store, I purposely drop my pennies.
I guess deep down, I hope some kid will find them - always more than one - and think they have struck it rich.
HA. How naive is that? writes about her "found money." She (to the dismay of hubby) will pick up a penny anywhere.
She tracks it on her blog. She's found $10.66 so far this year.

I support getting rid of the penny, nickel and the paper dollar!

Cop Car

If at all practical, I always pick up pennies or any other coins that I see. I do believe that they should make the pennies as "mils" were made WIWAK (when I was a kid). Mils, in the states where I lived at least, came in 1 mil and 5 mil denominations worth .1 cent and .5 cent, respectively. In one state (Missouri?) the mils were made red or green plastic, according to their denominations (I don't recall which was which.) In another state (Oklahoma?) the mils were made of pressed paper. I recall that one of the paper mils was red, but think the other was just a neutral or grey color. The mils were used to pay state sales taxes--back in the days when, for ten cents, one could buy a loaf of white bread, a pound of bananas, a gallon of gas, or two 10-ounce bottles of Pepsi Cola. Somewhere, I've a very few of the mils, still.

Cop Car

P.S. I forgot to say that the plastic mil coins were about the size of a quarter (or maybe a nickel) while the paper mil coins were smaller than a dime, as I recall.


I use them and I love picking them up off the ground and in parking lots. I always consider it lucky - even if they are tails up. I think I'd miss them if they were discontinued.


We got rid of our 1 and 2 cent coins ages ago in Australia. Also the 1 and 2 dollar notes are now coins. I find that our 5 cent coins collect in the bottom of my purse and I'd say that one day these will be gone too.


I love pennies and of course I pick them up if I see a penny on the ground. It's MONEY after all. They may come in handy one day.


I have a huge bank of pennies. When it gets full we drop the coins in one of those machines and have enough for a nice dinner out.

Roberta S

I'm a penny-picker-upper. Just raised that way (i.e 'Take care of the small things and the big things will take care of themselves.')

But I think the day we get rid of the pennies, everything will be rounded up to the higher price. $.31 will be come 40, etc.

But what I'm really annoyed about is I watched a show on how paper money is made. It is made of massive amounts of high quality linen and cotton. I want it to be made of poly or nylon (so I don't have to wear it) and let me have the contents of that paper money to wear in cool comfort.


Joy, this feeds right in to a piece I've been working on about found money. Stay tuned...


I have a fish bowl piggy bank full of pennies!


I'm with you on this one ... I still pick up ... save and spend pennies ... would not like to see them disappear from our monetary system ;--)

I'm glad to see you've got your awards back up in the sidebar ... and that reminds me I need to send you the HTML codes for the most recent ones. I'll try to do that in the next couple of days.

Hugs and blessings,


I think we should keep them. When I find a penny that's face up, I pick it up just in case it'll bring me good luck. If I find one that's face down, I turn it to the "face up" position, and leave it for someone else to find. Maybe it'll bring them good luck.


Mary Kay

Of course I collect pennies, I'm married to your frugal brother! Seriously, it's a thing I've always done, and must say the verse "find a penny,..." I have a big old wooden bucket, almost half full. Haven't cashed them in in about 3 years so quite a slew. We can still take them to the bank, for free, I understand you have to pay to use those little cash-in machines then that deletes your stash somewhat doesn't it? And if pennies are worth nothing, why is it always necessary to take one of them from that little cup at the cash register when you put in a penny's worth too much in your gas tank? Gee will those cups disappear when they do away with the penny?? I'll miss them too.


Hi Joy! I know of a penny's thot. Have a good weekend. I know it's mid-week! Ciao.


I pick up any pennies I find. I carry them around in my pocket or in the car change holder for awhile, then eventually spend them.

I figure if we get rid of the penny, it's only a matter of time until the nickel follows. Meanwhile, product costs will be rounded UP, not down, and we'll pay more and more for everything. Is such change progress? For the seller, but not the buyer.

I already lament the loss of the half-dollar 'cause no one uses them. When they did a decent thing with coin shape which helped the vision impaired, the Mint later jettisoned the idea.

Then, some brain at the Mint wanted (don't know if the idea is dead yet) to eliminate the paper dollar and give us metal dollars. History says the reason we got paper dollars when silver dollars were prevalent was because people complained about the weight of carrying around the metal dollars. Go figure?

Who knows what will happen with our dollar, other than it seems to be worth less and less. Crazy making!


Hi Joy, we in Australia uncerimoniously dumped our 1 & 2 cent coins several years ago, now with our smallest value coin being 5 cents almost everything at the supermarket seems to be priced with a final figure of 9 ($1 39...$2.69 etc)and the price rounded up or down to the nearest 5 cents.


I've always heard that a found penny heads up is immediate good luck, tails means good luck later. Works for me. I stash all my found coins in the car in case I need emergency money and it has come in handy on several occasions.


I'm all for keeping the penny. I find lots of pennys, no dimes, nickles or quarters, and save them for a rainy day.


Hello Joy,

If we get rid of all of our pennies what will happen to our good old sayings like:

"A penny for your thoughts"

"He's penny wise and pound foolish."

OR the ever popular but soon to be forgotten :

"He turned up like a bad penny."

I am going to miss those expressions!!!!!!


Joy, your sister-in-law is right. If you take your change to the bank, they convert it for you for free. If you use one of the machines we see here in grocery stores, the machine takes a percentage of your money. If we are all frugal enough to pick up found pennies, we should be frugal enough to go to the bank, too!


I have a little tub of pennies (and two-pennnies) too! It's overflowing and in need of exchanging soon.

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