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I remember getting this in an e-mail and absolutely loved it. Amazing what can be made out of one word. Thanks for the fond memory!

Have a blessed day!


I love the anagrams, and I WANT the remote!

I'm adopting you into my family. It's astonishing how in sync you and I are, and I think you'd really like two of my sisters! *G*



I looked and looked on the remote and still can't find the " Not tonight, dear, I have a headache." button.....


:) Fun, Joy!! I liked that first part, especially! It's amazing...and who would take the time to figure all that out anyway?? :)



What a fun post! I love word play myself … but these are really cool, but methinks some folks have way too much time on their hands to be so clever ;--)

Definitely my kind of remote!!! Thanks for sharing …
Hugs and blessings,


I might be able to manage that remote!


The remote is just tooooooo much - I am sending a link to all my friends. Thanks Joy - hugs to you.


Even with this cool remote I'd probably be pushing the wrong buttons. Toilet seats would go up and down as I switched the station!



Kay Dennison

I lovvvvvvvvve the word thing! Buy I also agree that someone has far too much time on their hands? Think they'd come over and help with my Spring cleaning?

TorAa Mirror

You beat me here. 10-0.
I'm not that familiar with the English language.
I have no excuses but what here written:


I love that remote? Where can I get one? Is there a mother's version with a "clean your room" button and a "just do as your told" button?


That remote has the arrow key for the thermostat in the wrong direction for all of us with the dreaded "Hot Flashes."
I love reading your blog, you are a very amusing blogger.


Sent you an email


I too, love word play and I have copied the remote to send to friends.

My blog is back up and working.YAAA!


Hi Joy! Love it! Love these! Love the post! You're so creative in coming up with interesting posts. Thank you so very much! LOL.


Great list! Thanks... I'm a big fan of the Anagram.


they are brilliant -The anagrams are so funny. I came by via Storyteller.
Thanks I needed a giggle.

I want one of those remotes for Mother's day ...
I might have to make one or steal it heehe

My Little Drummer boys


i lv ur ting

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