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You know me, a fount of useless info. DST was established in 1918.

Procrasination Week starts at midnight tonight.

So technically you could procrastinate and not make the change until you wanted.

You're welcome.

And tell Jory I said it was OK if you are late for work.


Thanks for the reminder!


From an old "Chicago" tune -- "Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?"


Thanks for the 'heads up' and the information. Actually ... Daylight Savings Time used to throw me off, but thanks to modern day technology, most of my clocks reset themselves while I sleep ;--)

My computer PDA, and cellphone update themselves along with the DVRs (which is nice because I seldom remembered to reset the VCR and often didn't discover it for a week or more because I don't watch what I record right away).

I'll get the HTML codes for the new 'bling' to you eventually, but each time I've tried I've gotten a 'Blogger error' so it may take a little longer. Sigh! I hope you're enjoying your weekend!
Hugs and blessings,


I'm opposed to all this daylight saving nonsense and have chosen this year to not participate. So there!


Our time change is the first Sunday in April this year. It's usually the last Sunday in March. It's still dark here at 7am which is disconcerting when it's still stinking hot.

Cop Car

Never, have I understood why we screw around with the clock. Yes, it was "sold" as an energy saver; but, NPR had a report the other day saying that, as many of us have suspected, use of daylight savings time actually increases energy consumption.
I don't know whether more energy is used when we observe daylight savings time or when we don't; but, we certainly use much energy trying to comply--mental and emotional, if no other. Aaarrrgghh!

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