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Well, a visit is a visit, and that's certainly good. I love when people that I love come to visit.

Maybe one of these days, she'll be able to visit with an extra day tagged on.


When my daughter comes home "to visit" she is always running here and there and when she leaves, we feel as though we haven't really seen her much at all....LOL...but at least she is here for a while, and that is what matters!


What an amazing kid you have. Oh, wait, revise that: What amazing KIDS you have!


It is the way of adult children, but even so you hae a wonderful and light way of dealing wih the quick visit. N wonder your kids love you so much. You are an inspiration to all of us.


I misread your last sentence. i thought you said, 'Was it good for you, Jory?' I do wonder if this lifestyle is good. It wouldn't suit me but your daughter seems to enjoy and thrive on it. And if she can fit in an occasional mum-hug, she probably does even better. Enjoy your time together with your beautiful daughter!

Jory Des Jardins

Can you say, cold busted?

And this is why you called to confirm just what I had to do in Chicago?

So I got to reading your post late, for reasons you can already imagine. Reading this accurate portrayal is a bit scary, and all too true. Tell you what, Ma. we're watching American Idol--all of it! You hear me!

Your ridiculous daughter.


Ooh! If that won't guilt your daughter into visiting you properly, then I don't know what will. :-)

Either scenario is nice, but the first one is better.

Good one Joy!

Julie Des Jardins

I'll book my ticket and plan to be there for supper and rubs--and of course the best conversation! And coffee waiting! All of it sounds like heaven to me.

Joy DJ

Julie, you need rubs as much as Jory does. Dinner, coffee and conversation with BOTH of my girls...Nirvana! Book that ticket..even if Bella and Bastian are hanging on each of your legs.


Ah ... you have such a way with words (and with your kids)! I always enjoy your 'stories about life as it is' ... and am grateful you share them here. How cool that your kids read and comment so we get their perspective (and reactions) too!
Hugs and blessings,

Kay Dennison

One of life's ironies is that we raise our children to be happy, successful and independent and when they achieve that, we are disappointed that we don't get more time with them. Sigh There's gotta be a middle ground but I'll be damned if I can find it.



It's not easy being the mom of grown-up and here I am faced with my grandkids grown-up too-and moving away from us! I mean-FAR away.

(My Brian is almost sure of a job in Chicago!!



Hope you and Jory had a nice visit in the short time you had together. Always nice to hug our kids no matter what.


Ain't she go-jas! You must be so, so proud, Joy! Just remember that she's at that paying-her-dues stage of life, so time is often in short supply.

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