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Oh. Joy! I cannot wait for the rest of this story.......


Why must you torture me with cliff-hangers? I love this story, Joy!!

Paul Nichols

Touching. If you want it to go well with you two, I hope it does.

I had a similar experience two summers ago. We connected by phone (Florida to the Heart of America) for the first time since 1960. We plan to see each other at our hi school reunion next October.


Oh Joy, I can't wait to hear more about this!


That is so beautiful! I can't wait to see what happens next :)


Parts of your story are parts of mine. I know the rush of memories and the familiarity of the past making the present so comfortable.
How wonderful to be able to reconnect after all these years.


Enjoy the wonderful! Joyce? Hmmmm
Can't wait to hear the rest...what a lucky fellow...twice in a lifetime...your company!


This is the stuff novels are made of! I can't wait to read more.


Dearest Joy ~~ Wonderful story and I hope all goes well for you and Fran.
Some good jokes there too, and many thanks for your e mails, Thank you
most sincerely for your thoughts and concern for my niece Vicki and PeterI still haven't heard when her op is to be. Hope it is soon.
Take care dear friend and enjoy your renewed friendship and may you both spend happy hours together. Much love,Merle.


What a wonderful story.

I reconnected with my high school boyfriend several years, and we met for lunch many times in the following years. He has moved to Florida, and we've lost touch again. But it was a wonderful interlude.




Oh, Joy!!

I love a romantic story!




I'm really enthusiastic about the whole concept of serendipity -- a favorite word of mine. Those unexpected phone calls are wonderful and have received and made a couple myself, though none with a former beau as you describe. Look forward to reading -- the next installment -- the rest of the story!

Cop Car

Oh, Joy, what a wonderfully sweet story. Good on you!


Just in the last couple of years I have heard of several similar situations -- old flames rekindled. And in every case, they have worked out amazingly well. I wish for you the same magic.

Of all the elements that make a relationship happen and endure, the most overlooked is what you mentioned in your last paragraph -- humor. That is one aspect of character and relationship that cannot be faked or acted out. Humor overcomes so much, and makes our failures and deficiencies tolerable.

Steve Sherlock

How wonderful indeed... I can wait to hear how this develops! Best wishes Joy!


What a lovely sharing of this amazing reconnection … and, as always, you know how to keep your readers intrigued. I know I’ll be waiting for the next installment :--)
Hugs and blessings,


This sounds like a wonderful love story. I'm so thrilled for you.

Ah yes.. serendipity at it's finest.


Oh! I like this story! Now I have a thousand questions! I suppose now that you've written about this, the kids know. Did they know about Fran before you wrote about him?

So, what took him so long?


Hi again Dear Joy ~~ I love the word
"serendipity" ~ it has a lovely sound. Thanks for your comments about my cousins' photo. Pam is nearly 70, Michelle 66 and Bill is almost 80 and I think they look great too. Take care my friend and I hope you are enjoying your life.
You deserve to. Much love. Merle.


Oh, Joy, I feel a happy ending coming on! I do hope so. I can't wait to read more.

mary lou

Oh Joy, You HAVE to fly out here and see my play!! It is EXACTLY about love and sex in the Senior Years!!


What a beautifully written story Joy, hope the next installment is as good as the first, best of luck.


Thank you for your prayers/good wishes, Vicki & family and myself have taken great comfort in the warmth you have offered.

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