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TorAa Mirror

Jori is a child of her generation.
You should hear what my daugther says to her Mother: aaaahhh, you are living in Stone Age.
When she was 20 plus 2 weeks, and was about to take her first around the globe tour, I said to her: You must have an e-mail adress.
- what's that, papa?
I did explain - and she very quickly realized the benefit.
btw. She is now Master of International Marketing and Management - now in Hong Kong. Papa is of course proud.

I think I'll be around your area July/August.


spring? really? I don't believe you. :-)

Happy Birthday, Joe!

kenju granddaughters are like yours (at least 3 of my 4 are). They would talk the bark off a tree and they seem to like talking to me (fancy that!).


It sounds like a great visit! In answer to your questio about taxes, it drove me crazy after John died because he had always taken care of them. When I married Bob years later, I was afraid to let him do the taxes. In fact for the first few years I filed separately.


I'm glad that your daughter connected with you during the visit. Bella and Bastian sound like little darlings!


Doing my tax doesn't make me anxious, but I do procrastinate a lot because I'm not into those admin type tasks.


I’m so happy you and Jory had such a lovely visit! Sounds marvelous ;--)

Hmmm … there’s no date so I don’t know when you posted this (I’ve spent lots less time at the computer because I’ve been reading Stephen King’s DUMA KEY … but whether you’ve already been (or are going) … I hope the gathering is as delightful as your visit with Jory. I know whatcha mean about watching them grow older, Although I have none of my own, my brother’s kids are in their mid-40s … and I’m always startled to realize I’m not in my mid-40s or 50s any more ;--(

How wonderful to reconnect with a long-lost cousin in such a ‘familiar’ manner … and how nifty you’ll be talking again soon.
Ah … taxes. I need to do mine too. Received the notification about the ‘stimulus’ in the mail yesterday … so you’re my 2nd reminder to get busy on this task.

What a precious connection with Bastian on the phone!!! And how marvelous that signs of Spring are showing up at last. No hexes allowed … period! Happy early St. Paddy’s day to you.
Hugs and blessings,

I hate talking on the phone too so i can understand bella's reluctance!

I have a cousin like your Donna. We grew up together but now ...


That last one was me!


I see signs of spring around Atlanta also. Daffodils coming up, pear trees in bloom, Hooray

Mary Kay (Joy's sister-in-law) from the North country

Good to hear you and Jory can hook up so often, since she's half way across the country. Please pass on our Aunt and Uncle Kenny Happy Birthdays today to Joe(y :-). (He's still a little kid to us)I think of him every time I write the date today, and that's a lot.
Spring is coming very slowly up here, we still have an abundance of snow but it's looking Springy, really DIRTY! Lower 40's today but I did see a Robin and the Sand Hill Cranes are back. The deer have pooped all over our yard all winter and haven't traveled out of town to the woods yet, someone must be feeding them in town...
You people in Atlanta must be loving the signs of those daffodils! Enjoy!

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