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Cop Car

My beloved mother-in-law was Serbian Orthodox. If I have it right, the Orthodox churches will be observing Easter on the Gregorian calendar's April 27th, this year. Perhaps we should push everyone's back?

Kay Dennison

You aren't alone! We're getting 3-5 inches of that @#$%*%# stuff tonight! It's March, dammit, and it's Easter and I say ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!! Happy Easter, my dear friend!!!!!


I hate to laugh at your snow plight, Joy, but your tirade was SOOOOOOO funny.

Especially the last line about the %&^$#(*& snowplow..

I had just visited Kenju's and she has all her Spring flowers on display and then I came to you and read your Hissy Fit over more snow...


miffy are too funny...I had read your blog and then sat down with Steve tonight and watch the weather...oops! I had to come to the computer as I wanted to make sure the plow did not wisk you up and bring you to the looney bin!
Love you, Happy Easter, Happy Spring...will be thanking God for you with special SUNNY intentions!


Well Joy! Such a rant. I think in all the time I have been reading you, I have never read such vitriol.
My word woman - get a grip!
I too, laffed... and growing up a Michigander, understand.


Oh, I AM sorry. Come over and see my spring pix from yesterday and look at them until all that snow melts.....LOL


Happy Easter, Joy.


Yep, it's all your fault... There is a cure for it, however. It's called "move South." ...heh...

Hope you have a warm and sunny and happy Easter, Joy...



Dear Joy,

Just visit Junie's Place for all the Spring colors and green grass your heart desires!

...and your spring is on the way, I'm sure, so hang on!

(You can stay cozy in your house...that bunny is who I'm worried about! ;) )

Happy Easter!




You are so funny!!! Having typed that, I’m so sorry the weather changed on ya suddenly … (seriously doubt you had anything to do with it) … and I hope the Easter bunny comes through (snowshoes or no) with some ‘goodies’ for those grandkids of yours (as well as for you and their parents). I wish I could share some of my Spring weather with everyone!
Happy Easter to you and yours!
Hugs and blessings,


We've got snow too. I think it's snowing all over the entire Northern Hemisphere!


It's been absolutely beautiful weather here after the 15 day heatwave we just had.


I hope you have recovered from your snowstorm, and are enjoying lovely spring weather.



Yes, Joy...WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? (lol)

A very belated Happy Easter!


Hi Joy! What?! Snow at this time of the year? I'd freak out too.

A belated easter of joy! Hope the weather is warmer and springy! Take care.

Miguel Wickert (Pineiro)

sorry, my comment is not in regard to your post. I just wanted to let you know, I found your site because of Troy Worman. Also, I subscribed to your site. Thanks!


After a really cold easter it's been lovely here today. Warm (in the sun) and suny blue skies. Let's hope it lasts! And returns for you!

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