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Average Jane

Oh, I feel for you! I've been through it twice and it's not something I ever hope to repeat.


You saved it right? Picture please.
Glad your boarder left and wasn't as big a pain as you thought. Good people deserve good things.


I’m so relieved that ‘stony’ has been evicted at last! Reading this account reminds me of something I heard recently about someone famous (I can't for life of me remember who right now) selling their ‘stone’ on eBay for some ridiculous sum of money like a million dollars and donating the money to charity. So strange … but it seems you’re keeping yours in a plastic case, right?
Hugs and blessings,



I'm so happy that Stony has left the building.....

As the old saying goes:

"Better an empty house than a bad tenant."


I'll bet that's a relief. Glad to hear of Stony's exit.


Yeee haah



I'm so glad you're free of the little creep! It's good to get back to normal, hmmmm??

Congratulations on the eviction.

Kay Dennison

Hallelujah and Amen! I'm sure you'll be feeling much better!


Oh, let's hope he hasn't left any friends behind either! I'm glad that's over for you.


You know, Joy I swear everybody's so happy, even the cat's purring louder!



So glad he decided to leave!!


Roberta S

Hi, joy. That is totally wonderful, good news. I also really enjoyed reading your fun story about something that was probably not so much fun but certainly turned out well in the end. You happy; me happy.


Great news you are now stoneyless. That too is a word!


So happy for you to find a different residence for Stony -- inconsiderate, ungrateful little boogar. He sounds just egotistical enough to have wanted you all to himself -- no room for friends.


I am actually terrified of that happening to me. I'm happy it's a thing of the 'passed' now!


Great news! Are you going to sell it on ebay ala W. Shatner?


Hi Joy, so pleased to hear your god news, as far as I know my lodger is still there but he has cut right back on the wild party's so I'm coping pretty well, now if I can just loose the lower back pain (not related) I'll be a happy camper too.

Paul Nichols

Glad for you. Good news.

Our pastor is going through the same thing. His stone won't leave, either. Poor guy.


Dear Joy ~~ So glad to hear that your stone has left the building without too much stress. And I hope you didn't leave any little friends behind. I hope the snow has gone and the weather warmer for you.
Take care, Love, Merle.


And good bye!

glad to hear Stony has changed residences.


Whoopee! (I know you mentioned it in your email!) What a fantastic thing it is to be able to announce to the world in such style that Stoney has left the building! Good for you.

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