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Wow -- Thanks so much Joy. This is a lovely award! I want to learn how to make such things myself, but I'm most appreciative of you sharing this (and all the kind words) with me. What a way to make MY day!!!

As for the man in the beans ... I'm usually good at these kinds of things because I'm overwhelmingly right brained, but this one is different than expected. It's just a small face in the midst of the beans rather than one of those pictures within a picture that requires one to refocus the eyes so it took me a minute or more instead of my usual seconds to see it.

I hope you're having a delightful day and a wonderful week.
Hugs and blessings,


I dint find no guy, but it reminded me of a bunny I once owned.


I found him pretty fast, think I've seen this before which may have helped,then again my memory not so good these days so couldn't remember exactly what I was looking for. *G*

Thank you for the link. I really need to get a new post up in case any one stops by.


Well-I never DID find that man!

Oh, my!!! :(

Happy V day, Joy!



Found two: the first one looks like an upside down troll. I was going to give you what for, but then I found the real guy.
Looks like Tony Soprano.



OK- NOW I see him!!


Hi Joy, hope you have a happy Valentines day, I think I just snuck in inside the minute but I was starting to get desperate at the end, he's a cute little fellow isn't he!


Okay, I've seen this before. Ihen I stared and stared but couldn't find him and I still can't. I don't think any amount of protein is going to help me!!


Happy Valentine's Day, Joy! I've never been able to figure out how to add "awards" to my blog. Ah, me. And I've never been able to find the coffee bean man.


Hi Joy! Thank you for your recommended blogs. Your teaser I need more protein!?!


I have seen it before, so I found him in 3 seconds. Congrats on the awards, Joy, you deserve them.


Happy belated V Day dear friend -


Well,Joy, I finally found him. It took more than 3 minutes because I was looking for a big man in the middle of the beans.. Then I saw HIM. The little bald headed guy toward the bottom. I must need more protein..

I better go back to the peanut butter sandwiches of my youth or, better yet, go to the Outback tonight for a big Filet Mignon.....


I have to go have a steak!


Dear Joy ~~ Congrats on the awards AND for putting them on your side-bar. Peter finally told me how to do my own. The Gratitude one is lovely and the blog you mentioned
(Small Reflections) is a lovely site. I will visit it again. About the duck and ducklings, it is possible it did happen, depending on the size grills they have. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.


Dear Joy ~~ Congrats on the awards and putting them on yourself. Peter finally told me how to do it. I found the little man after Nancy's clue. Thank you for your visit. I
suppose the duck and ducklings could have had that happen to them, depending on the size of the grates. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.


I found your awards, but, hell, I couldn't find a man at car or boat show, let along a pile of beans!

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