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Ah ... I hope Springtime comes soon to your neighborhood. I tried to share a bit of ours ... and hope that helped some. Thanks for the chuckles. I'd seen the 'non-sheep' flock before but most of the cartoons were new to me. I love how you pull things like this together as you share your own poems.
Hugs and blessings,


I love the cartoons! especially the one about the Big Bad Wolf's convention.


Dear Joy ~~ Great poem and I do hope
that Spring comes your way very soon. It shouldn't be too long. The jokes and cartoons were good too,
Thanks for your visit, glad you still enjoy my jokes etc. It sure is handy to have a few things stashed away for when time is short or the brain won't work. Take great care in that there snow, my friend, Much love, Merle.


I love the cartoon with the old couple. We make those same comments about people we see, and then wonder if they're saying it about us.


Hi Joy! I enjoyed the poem and cartoon humor. Hope spring is round the corner though. Do have a good weekend.


What a post from Snow to head in the ass hole.
From longing for Spring (I know you've had a cold winter) to naked bodies in the park.

I love the variations here.

This Friday is a very special day, yeah?


I'm ready, too! I thought I could tough it out....and wouldn't be one to whine about the weather this year, but I just can't manage it. I'm ready to give up coat wearing, and freezy breezes, and a more than 220 foot driveway that would make a good bob-sled track.

For both of us, I'll start studying up on weather dances!

Great funnies! I love the old couple. *G*


Oh that sheep one! Urrrggghhh! I saw a similar one but it was even worse and I can't remember exactly what it was, chickens maybe. But quite gross!


I liked the poem- lol-and all the rest was good, too!



I like your poem Joy. Today in Atlanta was almost spring like so it can't be far behing for real.

I love the cartoon about giving the kids to Brit Spears :)

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