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On behalf of my four dogs and Nancy and I thank you.


I want every one of them!!


If only they stay so cute..


I have just gone, 'Oh, oh, oah, aw, oh ...' all the way down!

Thanks, Joy, that's lovely.

Liz & George (Big woof!)

Paul Nichols

Hi there. You know that picture of the little fella in the red striped hat? I posted it on my writing blog this morning. It's too good not to share with my entire kingdom. Thank you again.

And where do you get all these cute photos you post?


Hi Joy! You certainly have a knack of stringing words together. Envious though. Wish I...

Candid. Couldn't help smiling.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Hi Joy,

Seeing all those puppies reminds me of the time I was playing in the surf at Atlantic City and a huge wave came and knocked me over and took the top of my bathing suit off.

I clutched my boobs as well as I could to get back to my towel but a little boy came running up to me and said.

"Lady, if you're going to drown those pups, give me the one with the brown nose."


Those dogs are too cute for words! They make me want a puppy so badly!


Not from the puppy's point of view, but my comment on puppies, nonetheless:

Small Blessing

The mini blinds look like Ramen noodles,
It’s possible that we may need another rug,
A lamp cord lies severed from its plug,
The electric blanket ripped and ratty,
Papers on the floor chewed to confetti.
Yes, we are blessed with a new puppy.

Roberta S

Hi joy. Thank you for the ode to puppies. Enjoyed it so much. And obviously you understand the relationship I have with my doggies when you wound up that poem with a "walk and a talk". I love my puppies for the many walks and talks we have each and every day.

And the pictures? Too cute. Especially the little one that looks like a Bassett.


Some (all of them) cute puppies there Joy.


Ohmygosh … these puppies are all too cute for words ... and of course your words are wonderful as always!!! Funny thing ... Molly was standing at the back door when I started to read it.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that all's well with you. I finally seem to have gotten over the flu/cold bug and feel good today and am meeting a friend for lunch in about an hour.
Hugs and blessings,


My puppies thank you for the wonderful poem. They however, assure me that they are much better behaved than the ones you write about. I will have to post photos again. They are growing so rapidily and I find it hard to believe they are three and a half months old already.

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