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Good grief! Some people have just too much time on their hands! (I love the long green hands though!)


Those are amazing. It would take an extreme amount of patience to create those outfits. I'm sure some men would love popping them one at a time. lol


Very creative, but a guy with a pin could wreak havoc!


You are right about "POP" art Joy, and I see that I wasn't the only one to think about a pin.


Your first commenter took the words from my fingertips. I saw some of these recently somewhere else and marveled at the idea and the work behind the creations ... and I'll repeat my initial thought! Some people have just too much time on their hands! LOL
Hugs and blessings,


Hi Joy! I wow at man's sheer genius and creativity -- simple toys to create a wear. Excellent idea for a bridal gown and with imagination, the newly-wed will have a hella of time! Great post!


Now I know what to do in my spare time with all those popcorn packing fillers!



Isn't it amazing what people can do with an idea and a lot of talent?

The dresses are beautiful..

When we had a bridal shower for my granddaughter everyone was given several rolls of toilet paper and the idea was to dress some of the other girls up as a bride. You should have seen the great wedding dresses and veils these clever people made out of nothing but toilet paper. It was so much fun!!!!!


Amazing - thanks for sharing.



Dear Joy ~~ Those are amazing, thanks for sharing. Thank you for your very nice comments and I am so sorry it is still so freezing there. Spring will arrive before too long.
About the Virtual cat Joy, beneath mine there is a tiny notice and if you click on it, you should have a cat on your sidebar. That's what I did, Good luck, he's cute, he purrs, meows and watches the pointer.
Lots of Love, dear friend, Merle.


Hi Joy ~~ Congratulations!! I went straight to your blog and was happy to see our cat there. It was so easy, I was amazed, but I have no idea about resizing. I notice all the folks who have it only have a piece of its tail, so maybe he won'r resize. Anyway, my friend, glad that worked for you. Much love, Merle.


Golly, Joy! This stuff is hilarious. Does make me want to reach for a pin, however . . . (mwah-ha-ha!).



These are really something!! lol- I too thought of how fun it would be to start popping those balloons!!



Hoopla, this post is sooo enjoyable, it, well I'm happy
-- and we are abroad.

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