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Hey, it's my mum's birthday on the 11th too. It sounds a bit like your Jen takes after you.


Dear Joy ~~ Happy Birthday to Jenna-
I hope she has a beautiful day. I can see why you are so proud of her.
Seems like she's been motherly all her life. And teaching is so right for her.
I am glad you have such good memories of you beloved Father. Such a shame for him to pass away before your wedding. Take great care, my friend. Love, Merle.


Hi Jen,

Happy Birthday! You have a wonderful mom and you sound pretty wonderful yourself. Give yourselfs a hug from me.


Awe. Happy birthday to Jenna. I almost hope we move to the great white north just so I can meet her in person.

And, happy birthing day to you, Joy.


Hi Joy! Many happy happy returns of the day to you...wishing you health and love and many more to come.

Jen is blessed to have a mom like you. May she achieve her doctorate in the field she loves. Your daughter is a gem!


Happy birthday to your Jenna!

She sounds like a wonderful lady, in so many ways.



Happy Birthday, Jen!!


Jen sounds like a mother's dream daughter. I have a special needs grandson, and I'm so glad there are patient, loving teachers who make school a great experience for those kids. Jen has some darling kids of her own! Happy Day!

Maya's Granny

Is it any wonder, with a mother like you, that Jen is such a terrific woman?


Happy Birthday to Jenna....

Isn't it wonderful that there are teachers like Jen to take care of our little ones who need a bit of extra help?

God Bless Her!!!!!


I wish a Happy Birthday to Jenna. And a very happy year to follow. She sounds like a daughter to be proud of.



Bother, I see I missed it but happy birthday yesterday to Jenna!

She sounds like a wonderful person, Joy. Now I wonder how she got to be so lovely? Could it be something to do with her mom and dad?


Sorry to have missed the occasion, but happy belated birthday wishes to Jen (and her proud mama). My mom's birthday was February 11th too ... small world after all.

The awards look great in your sidebar Joy! I'm glad I could help. Wait, weren't there 2 others?
Hugs and blessings,

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