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Oh! What a JOY! :)

Loved the poem- and the kitty pictures!



I'm drowning in cute here....LOL

You and I feel the same way about kittens!


I want to be a kitty at your house.


I'm impressed by the poem, it's describing the kittens so precise and fine.
Blended with all the enchanting kitten photos, this post is a dream

Roberta S

Too cute, joy. My puppies are waiting in the queue for their turn.

Seriously the poem is so sweet and I felt my rejection of kittens turning into mush.


Nice poem. Cute kitties. Achoo!


Awwwwww. Great poem, cute kittens. Doesn’t get much better than this!


Very nice Joy, loved the previous post too.


Awwwww ... you even captured MY heart and I'm a confirmed puppy/dog lover, allergic to cats and kittens. I often feel sad for Ms. Kitty (the feral cat who adopted me several years ago, I know not why other than I feed her regularly), but I encourage my cat-loving friends to give her extra attention ... and they do, thankfully.
Hugs and blessings,


My puppies want a poem too. They say they are cuter and more lovable than kitties (as if that were possible) Anyway, they send puppy kisses and finger nips your direction.



Those kitties are so sweet.
I love them all.
I have had a variation of most of them sometime in my lifetime of loving pussy cats. Purr.......


Dear Joy ~~ What a lovely post - the poem and the cute pictures. Most young animals are so cute, it's a pity they have to grow up. I liked the policeman's answers as well.
Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle.


Hi again Joy ~~ Thanks for your comments
and it seems neither of us is particularly
thrilled with our weather at present- for
different reasons. One thing, we can't do much about it only accept what we are given. Take care, my friend. Love, Merle.

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