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Kay Dennison

Toooooooooo funny!!!!!!!! NE Ohio isn't too far behind!!!!!


What are you saying Joy? that Chicago is cold? that Chicagoans are tough? or that places other than Chicago breed softies?

Marlys Styne

As a fellow Chicagoan, I love it! I've lived in the Midwest all my 75 years, and although I've traveled all over the world, I wouldn't consider living anywhere else. I guess we have a certain spirit here. And I'll take cold over heat and humidity any day.


I'm in Florida and yes, I'm freezing. And, have been freezing for days. And, I have no winter clothing so I'm wearing layers and layers of non-winter clothing.




This is very funny and what makes it remarkable is that it is almost TRUE!!!!!

My daughter lives in Chicago and I am in Florida for the Winter and when I hear of the bone chilling cold and sleet predicted for Chicago I always gets upset for Carol and her family. Then it snows a couple of feet and I call and say, "Are you OK?" Carol: " "Yes,we are heading for the Mall. Then we're going to the library for that book I want to read."
"But isn't it a blizzard out there?"
"No, it's a little snow, that's all."

At 5 A.M. one morning it was starting to snow and my Grandson wanted to know if there would be school that day, so he sent an Email to the Superintendent of Schools and asked.
This was the reply.

Dear Andrew,
Let me explain how I determine whether or not there will be school. I open the back door and if the dog won't go out, there is no school.
Dr. William Jones


LOL: excellent! Had no idea how that would end, but it was perfect!


;) I liked that!


I count on chuckles when I come here and you never disappoint! LOL

We're dealing with Santa Ana winds and unusually warm January weather here in So Cal ... and I'd LIKE some cooler (but not cold) weather right now. These winds are driving my sinuses crazy!!! Molly doesn't stay indoors just because it's windy (though she DOES avoid rain ... which is crazy since she's a "water dog" and loves to swim).

Hope your birthday bash with your kids was delightful.
Hugs and blessings,


Yes, we Californians are big whiners when it comes to cold weather. Of course, I was born and raised in Minnesota and I have been known to say that although I have lived in California for 40 years, my feet have not yet warmed up.


I love it, Joy! The only time I was in Chicago, I was 14, and on a school trip. They told us to pack warm winter clothes, and Chicago had a heat wave (in April). The temps were in the 80's and all we had to wear was wool clothing!!


Toooooooooo funny, Joy! This morning it is -18 in my backyard - cold, yep - I'll be back after the gym. :)

Hope you had a terrific BDay. Hugs.


Great list... and I love the kicker on the end! I think there really is something to the old warning that once your blood has thinned out by living in a warm climate, it will never thicken up again. I've experienced it myself and know plenty of yankees who came here, went back, and couldn't take it.

It's in single digits here overnight and we are freezing. Guess you're just hitting your stride...


Lisa Dunn

This Minnesotan is sharing your pain. I believe it was 30 below windchill yesterday with an overnight low of 24 below. There's a reason it's called "bone-chilling" cold!


that is very funny. Each region has its own definition of cold for sure. We will be in the teens here in Oregon this week and for us, that's cold. high 40s and people are in shorts but then it never gets much above 50... okay, just kidding :)


I love this post. It's about like here, to a certain degree. After -10C Oslo people starts to complain:Must to wear long underwear. They are so warm when inside.

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