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Hilarious! And I think I might have heard a couple of those ... personally. But far more often than not, I run into cops who have zero sense of humor. Just trying to strike up a conversation with one in the donut shop gets nothing but a cold shoulder, like they don't trust you to be that close to their free donut and coffee...


Ohmygosh Joy!
Those are hysterical and I'm going to be chuckling for quite a while. Thanks for sharing. You know how I love laughter. Thanks also for your kind comments on my 1st volume of Haiku and my ten week review. I owe much to your wonderful example and your continual support. I'm so happy we've met in this virtual playground.
Hugs and blessings,


Once I was on my way home from somewhere and one of the kids threw up. I was going too fast and I got stopped. The policeman looked in the car, probably got a whiff, and said, "Hurry home!" I liked him a lot!


I chuckled until I got to the last one and then I laughed out loud!!


I don't want to meet any of these coppers. I have enough sarcastic people in my life!


Hi Joy,

I suppose everyone in the world who has ever had a job can tell you stories....

When my oldest son, Chris, was a teenager,he worked at a pizza shop. One day a fellow came in and asked Chris for a whole pizza. Chris baked the pizza and with his cutting wheel in hand asked the man if he wanted the pizza cut in 6 or 8 slices. The guy said, "Oh, just cut it in 6 pieces, I could never eat 8."

My daughter,Carol, tells this story about her days with United Air Lines. A woman called for a reservation and when asked if she wanted a window seat replied,"Oh, no,don't put me next to the window,I am going to have my hair done."



That last one is real good! :)


TorAa Music

Thanks for advising me to shut up when meeting a police officer in Chicago. LOL.

Martin Frid

I am Swedish, now I live in Japan... But way back, I was living in Iowa. Had to get a drivers licese.


(Soundtrack: Bladerunner)

The lovely lady at the licence office, sitting very close to me in a tiny VW 1972 Beetle, had me go left at a signal. I did. And she goes, "Hey, mister, did you ever notice those ped'strians swearing at you. Mister, you were speading in front of them while they were trying to cross the street?"

I didn't get my licence at first try, but at 2nd I was ok. 12 dollars in total. Cheers.



You write very well.

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