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The joys of flying..

Glad you made it home in one piece, along with the rest of the family.

Happy New Year Joy!


Welcome Home, Joy.

Sorry about your flight delays but I know from reading the rest of your post that the delays were definitely worth the rewards you got from being with the children.

Glad you didn't hear from SS.

Happy New Year


JOYFUL! Happy, happy, joy, joy!
So glad you enjoyed the time with all the J's and B's! I was tempted to bust in on the fun while home with my Mom, but thought better of it! And as for the travel nightmare, you should have called me, was not so long ago, on my flights from hell, you were always on the other line with some "Joyful" words and an "M&M" moment or two!
Love you, best of health (no ss crap) and happiness for you and the Joyfull's!


Darn airports. At least the pay off was excellent for all of you.


Hello Joy! Great. You've touched down. Certainly wonderful to be spending Christmas holidays with loved ones. Thank you for sharing.

Here's wishing you ooodles and ooodles and ooodles of activities and nice things happening for 2008. Take care. LOL.


We were trapped in an airplane for a few hours last week. We had to wait to be de-iced, then while we waited to take off the wings iced up again, so we had to wait and repeat the de-icing before we finally took off. I guess it's better than traveling by stagecoach, though.


It sounds as if your time with your family was worth all the frustration of the flights. Bella and Bastion are precious!

jen at semantically driven

I'm glad you made it there and back in one piece Joy. Your christmas sounds great and I hope you have a fantastic 2008 too.


Glad to hear that The Good far outweighed The Bad. Happy New Year, Joy!

Steve Sherlock

Joy, what would life be without a few challenges along the way? Glad that all things worked out, especially around the family gathering, that is most important (as you well know)!

Have a most happy new year!

Steve Sherlock

Joy, what would life be without a few challenges along the way? Glad that all things worked out, especially around the family gathering, that is most important (as you well know)!

Have a most happy new year!


Welcome Home Joy - I MISSED YOU - so loved the pictures and stories of family times - so sorry about the airline stories.

I too was hung up coming home from San Francisco but only 3 hours. It was worth it. I had a lovely time at home - cooked great food, fed wonderful people I loved, drank some special wines and walked in the SUNSHINE with FLOWERS blooming. Oh happy day.

As 2007 closes, I want to say thank you for your friendship and generous sharing of yourself this year. Now, here we go into a new year = may blessings shower you and may you know joy and new adventures in this year ahead.


I feel your air travel pain, Joy! So glad you made it safely. Have a very Happy New Year, Joy!


'Tis good to have you home friend. Sorry about your travel hassles, but glad the holiday visit with family made you forget the inconveniences of delays and that "stony" didn't cause you problems. As always, you tell your tale with flair ... keeping us on the edge of our seats. Loved the photos of the little ones. Aren't they QTs! Happy New Year's Eve to you and may 2008 bring peace, wonder, and joy to you and yours.
Hugs and blessings,


Well, in the end, the good times out weighed the bad times so YOU are the winner! :)

Happy New Year, Dear Joy.



It sounds like you had a wonderful time, delays excepted. I'm glad SS wasn't too much of a pain. I've only just caught up and read about the nasty little thing. Hope it clears out soon although - oh, I am cringing just thinking about it!

Hope the New year is wonderful for you.


I'm going to focus on the positive in this post, because, boy, is there a lot of it! :) Happy New Year, Joy! Wishing you much love and snuggles with your grandbabies in 2008! ;)

Maya's Granny

Glad that you had such a wonderful visit.

Flying has become such a pain that the only reason any of us do it is that the distances are so great and it does save time.

Kay Dennison

Air transportation (which I used to really enjoy) just keeps getting worse. I read Jory's tale on her blog and you both went through hell!

It sure does sound like the trip was worth the inconveniences though, considering the great time you had! Spoiling the little ones had to be the icing on the cake and I'm glad for you.

Then again, I speak for a lot of folks in saying you were missed here in the Blogosphere.

Roberta S

What a lovely recap of the Holidays, Joy. Grandchildren are the sweetest. It certainly wasn't easy getting there but I'm glad you got there and back safely. Maybe in all that tension and adrenaline, Stoney dissolved. I hope so.

Best of the New Year to you, joy, and thanks for thinking of me and leaving a little card at my place.


I hate airports and taking planes with a passion!
So happy for your sake that the stay with your family, afterwards was well worth it.
Wish you a happy 2008.
Lots of love


I feel all warm and fuzzy all over from your delightful descriptions of the time you had with the family. Those grand children are just the most precious little ones. And what a cute age.

4 of mine were here(they live locally) with their parents(our adult children) and it was such fun. They are 7, 9,9, and 11. Somewhat past the cute stage but still wonderful.

Happy New Year


Dear Joy ~~ Sorry about all the travel delays and hassles, but as you say the pot of gold was at the end of the rainbow. And what a lovely time you all had together. A lot of memories to treasure always. I hope all goes well with the stone.I have had a few zapped over the years. Take care, dear friend and thank you for being my friend for 2 years in the blogo-sphere. Have a wonderful 2008 with all good things for you.
Much love, Merle.

Mary Kay (the sister-in-law)

OK, so I'm a little behind, just catching up on Dec. and Jan. Blog. Had to comment on the picture of Jenna/Bella/Bastian. That is SOO cute, hope she framed that one! I envy you with your little grandbabies! Onward 2008!!!

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