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Oh, Lord, I sure hope it will stay in place until after the holidays! I also hope that it will pass swiftly and painlessly when it does.


Kidney stones are worse than childbirth. I feel your pain, Joy.



Goodluck with the timing! And I hope it's not too uncomfortable.



Goodluck with the timing! And I hope it's not too uncomfortable.



No fair!
I wanted to read about Stoner Joy, or the Joy of stoning.
There's nothing worse than childbirth, you don't have to raise a kidney stone!
Absolute Good Karma for you.
But if it does happen it will make a great post!



We will all be thinking of you and hoping that damned stone comes out at a convenient time and painlessly.

Have a wonderful trip and enjoy your grandchildren.


I don't know anyone that could make a poem out of a situation like your in.

Happy Holidays Joy, I hope the stone stays put until your at least not in a plane. I'll write a letter to Santa and see if he can do some voo-doo magic on it.


Ohhh Joy, I hope you are not too uncomfortable and that the darn stone just passes (but not on the plane) without too much pain. Merry Christmas - have safe travels and a wonderful family time. Hugs and more hugs.


Oh my!
Reading your tale in rhyme
here in the evening time
I've said a prayer tonight
that things will come out right
(not on the Christmas flight).
Keep those legs crossed real tight!

Oh sigh!
Be careful of laughter
since what you are after
is one pleasant holiday
with lots of children's play
keeping the "stone" at bay
until the holiday
passes and you return
home where we hope to learn
all's well with you and your
healthiness is restored!

Happy Holidays Joy!
Hugs and blessings,

Roberta S

Gee, Joy, now I'm all worried about you. Isn't there any kind of Christmas Grog, Nog, Yule, Mead, can drink to dissolve the darned thing?

And with all this, the lady writes a poem about it. Obviously you understand how to be cheery and grateful in all the ways that make Christmas very special. I sincerely hope the thing crushes, dissolves, flushes away without your knowledge or discomfort.

All the best to you, Cheery Joy!


Oh my goodness!

So sorry to know this!

Hope this doesn't spoil your holiday with the babies!




Not on the plane - oh please - oh no. What a great poem, but unfortunately not so great for you. Perhaps you need a different kind of stoned once you start to pass your stone! Stones aside, you have a fabbo Christmas too Joy.


What a wonderful sense of humor you have, Joy! I wish you and your family the Merriest Christmas. Travel safely.


You're the only person I know who could do it in rhyming couplets, Joy. Thank you for making something good out of your pain, and I will be praying it pops out quietly in the night for you over the weekend.... Happy Christmas, Genevieve


The poem is excellent Joy, I've had a few kidney stones too, so I know they are not excellent, stay well.


Hang in there and God bless !!


Wow that's tough. I have had friends with kidney stones and they say it's about as bad as pain gets. I hope you can pass yours without more discomfort. What a thing to happen during the holidays. Merry Christmas anyway :) Maybe more needed than ever

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