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Heh. Cute. Very cute. I remember those days, very fondly.


Precious Joy ... too precious for words :)
Thanks for sharing these phone conversations. Hey -- the snowy Christmas Card Award looks GREAT! I'm glad the HTML code worked.
Hugs and blessings,


Amen, Sister - wonderful gifts to last a lifetime and beyond. And ain't nothin' better than Grandma comin' to town (ask any kid!). Merry, Merry Christmas, Joy!


Aww, how cute. I think kids generally have much better memories than us adults.

Kay Dennison

I understand, Joy. Drake is 5 now & chats nicely. Connor is 3 & hasn't much to say. Bella and Bastian are darling!!!! Hope you have a wonderful, safe trip!!!!!


Bastian is probably nodding "yes" to every question you ask! These kids bring joy just by existing!

Claudia Snowden

Hi, Joy, so happy you'll get to be with your little cuties soon. I leave for Boston on the 19th to be with my favorite cutie, and I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. She's still my baby, even though she's 31! Our children are truly the best gift of all.



I know you loved that! I loved reading about it! :) So happy you'll be seeing them soon!

Love and hugs,



I am so longing to have grandchildren - and yours sound just marvellous!


AWWWWW How sweet! Enjoy your babies when you get there. I am struggling to put my decorations out this year. I just dont feel Christmasy! Bah Humbug.

I hope the ice storm misses you, it looks pretty nasty in Oklahoma.

Fly safe!


It's a given you'll have a wonderful holiday with those cute little ones.

Paul Nichols

There ya go!

Our 4-year-old granddaughter has an imaginary friend, Kelly. Sometimes I hand her the phone and say, "It's Kelly." Well, talk about chatty. She goes on and on with her 'friend.' Very expressive. We get the biggest kick out of watching all this. The phone is deader than roadkill, too.



How adorable those children sound.
They are so lucky to have a wonderful Mom who tells them that their Grandmom is somebody special.......

Have a wonderful holiday with them.


So wonderful those early phone conversations. When Jade was four I had the most trouble understanding her speech and I am sure that after I said something in response (after all the guessing and more than likely getting it wrong) that she thought her Nana was just a little crazy.
Now that she is eight, it is so much easier and yes, she is much more of a chatterbox.

Roberta S

joy, anyone who says there is no intensity in smooching on the phone, doesn't have grandchildren. Lovely post. I can feel the love.


those beautiful redheads - love, love and more love. Hugs across the miles sister. :)


Dear Joy ~~ I am so glad you are going to visit Julie and her
husband and those two lovely grandkids/ I love Bella's song
And Bastions "Eye" Have a lovely time my friend, as I will with
my daughter and her 5 kids. Will be in touch in the New Year.

Much love, my friend, Merle. X X

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