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Paul @ Elders Tribune

The tree one is my favourite!


I love that Sandy Claus! Merry Christmas to you!


You are such a resourceful gal. How do you ever find such treasures? Those are SOME amazing photos Joy! They're all new to me except the last one. The tree made me laugh out loud ... the prehistoric sculptures and the bridge are spectacular, but the first one made me gasp and say a prayer for the person snagged by this plane. Ohmygosh ... could that really happen, or has the photo been doctored? Thanks for the link. Hope YOUR holiday plans are moving right along.
Hugs and blessings,


The Hello Kitty car is my fave.


Those are all great! Some make you just scratch your head and think OMG. Lately my hair is falling out from scratching so much. lol

You have a wonderful holiday if I don't see you posting again before.

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