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Oh wow. That's horrible.

Last year, not at Halloween, we had some hoodlums who came to our house every night for like 5 nights. First, they broke a side mirror from a company truck. Then they half pulled a bumper off of the same truck. Then, they broke a headlight of the same truck and then ... they slashed three tires, again - same truck.

It was the most horrible week of my life, and truth be told - for weeks after, I didn't sleep well. I still worry that I'm going to wake up to find something horrible has happened to the car.

Not enough worry to clean out the garage so we can park the car inside though.

I'm sorry you had to deal with this. What is wrong with people?

Bastian and Bella - adorable. Completely adorable.


I am so sorry about the car. That's why we always tried to park in the garage, or at least up close to the house.

Leftover candy? That's why we didn't participate this year! I either buy too much and eat it all - or hide it and find it a year later, all icky.


Joy, you're not having much luck with fighting couples in supermarkets to bat toting louts. Sorry to hear about your car. Besides the cost, it's damned inconvenient to have to fix.


So sorry Joy - how cruel and pointless. The grands look so cute. I did not have one trick or treater this year. I usually have a couple but not this year. Nice to see the kids = they are just so adorable.


Oh my! So sorry that happened to you! Makes no sense to me -how anyone could get 'fun' from doing something like that to someone's car!



I so enjoyed you sharing about your delightful Halloween, reminding me what I'm missing these days. What a luv that little "chipmunk" was ... and your grandkids look precious.

What a shock to read of the vandalism and the damage to your car windows. I'm saddened that this kind of behavior is perceived as fun by anyone.

As always, you've managed to share your stories in a captivating manner that will remain with me and get passed along in conversations with friends.

mary lou

I am the Halloween GRINCH! I turn off the lights and hide. I live on a cul-de-sac, and noone else lights up either, so we're are fairly safe. (at least so far.)


So sorry you have to deal with such a mess, but glad you're not letting those Halloween-hating vandals get you down.


Joy - First of all, Bella and Bastian are just precious! Thanks for posting pictures.

Sorry to hear of your bad Halloween experience. You know I love Halloween, so I never want bad things to happen that might be related to the holiday.

Leftover candy? Send it my way -


the kids' costumes were cute. We never have gotten any trick or treaters out here given it's in the country. Even in Tucson, when I'd be down there, I wouldn't as they hit the malls and streets with more houses. I used to buy candy, then I'd either eat it or finally throw it out for the packrats, not good however I did it; so now I don't buy any. The vandalism thing is ugly and scary. I don't know why people do such things, never have understood it


How terrible! Poor you.

But I have never seen such a gorgeous devil!



I'm sorry the vandals smashed the windows in your car, but you still have a whole lot to be grateful for; like a little Ariel and the devil. They are adorable.

Two of my kids were very close in age and we had a skeleton suit and a devil suit. Every year they would trade off. One would be the devil this year and the next year the other one would be the devil and the same for the skeleton suit.

I suppose the neighbors said, "Hello, Chris and Steve" even before they took their masks off.

We had lots of kids this year. Mostly 4 and 5 year olds. Just the ones who give you the most pleasure. It was fun!


Well that's not a very nice thing to do to such a nice person. I've never understood vandalism and what makes them do it. I come from the days of soap, toilet paper and corn. Just fun no damage.

Maya's Granny

First, how touching the Chipmonk was. Second, how cute Bella and Bastion were.

Finally, how awful the vandals were. That is so difficult for me to conceive of. Here we get a few smashed jack-o-lanterns and the occasional stolen blow-up decoration.

Mary Cary

Hey there miss! I was the one who ate all your candy, remember? And now, there's three shopping bags sitting in our downstairs bathtub because we have nowhere else to store it. And guess who's eating it? Good guess. I miss you! But I love reading all of this every so often so I can see pictures and hear about you and yours. You, lady, are amazing, and don't you forget it!

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