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Yes, all seven colors of light. ROY G BIV, remember that?

June Kellum

Just - WOW!!! :)

Junie Rose


Fantastic! The colours are just gorgeous.

Paul Nichols

Holy cow! Awesome! Beautiful! I'll have my chance in the next week or two. Maybe I'll post.

Thanks for these.

Paul Nichols

Sweet dreams.


Nature cannot be duplicated by man !!



Whenever I see the beautiful colors of Nature I think of the time before colors had names. I can picture the King or Queen telling the Royal Seamtress " I want a gown the color of that tree right there!" OR "That leaf is what I want my robe to look like." Then dyes were mixed and colors were named.
The colors in your photos are spectacular . Thanks for posting them. What a treat.....


Amazing scenery Joy, nature dwarfs the best of the painters amongst us.

Roberta S

Joy, those pictures are achingly beautiful. What luxury there is in looking at them? But your blog did remind me that in dreams some scenes are even more fantastic than these and if I went scurrying about to all the physical wonders on this planet, would I have dreams of a lesser pleasure? Not that I will ever know. But since there's so many delightful places I will never travel to, its satisfying to think so.


I've never seen fall colors like the ones in the swan picture. So beautiful!!


Just beautiful


I'm's just what I needed. The colors seem to be late here this year. Thanks, Joy.


Really beautiful and restful. I just looked and looked and felt more at peace. Thanks for sharing.

mary lou

I absorbed!! Thank You


Well done God! I wish everybody could enjoy those views!


Gorgeous! This really is a beautiful time of way...I've really been trying to just look around and take in the colors this year.


are this colors really as i see them ?
(ciao from italy)


Oh my! I'm soooooooo glad Google Reader brought THIS post and these lovely photos to my attention! I'm making a mental note right now (and one in my Palm Life Drive so I don't forget) to check out what else I might have missed here at The Joy of Six before I entered this virtual world (as time permits). I thought the albino peacock was spectacular, but these pix are AMAZING! I'm still trying to catch my breath. Did you take them yourself?

Mark Stoute

I myself have taken walks along these trails before and never before have seen such beauty, this is the most spectacular pictures I have ever seen I have traveled around the world and have taken pictures of the beauty he creates and some created by man but who can compare anything to this.

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