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June Kellum

Oh Joy!!

So happy for you!
What beautiful curley autumn haired kiddies! :) So sweet!

Have fun!




You can pack a lot of kisses in in that time!


I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.

jen at semantically driven

Ah I'll bet it's a competition to who's more excited about them coming to visit - a competition between you and the two munchkins that is.

mary lou

OH HOW NICE!!! Grandkiddie kisses!! Yum!


There's nothing like unconditional love -- for a child and especially from a child. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Joy.


Dear Joy ~~ What a wonderful time you will have with those sweet babes. I know ho you will enjoy every moment and a couple of days is sure better than nothing at all. They are growing up, with Bastion talking and all. Bella has always been beautiful. Have fun dear Joy. Much love, Merle.


Those children are beautiful. You are a very lucky woman.


I know you have had a super weekend with the grandbabies and their Mom and Dad.

I just read that the Chicago Marathon had to be halted due to the heat and humidity.
I hope your SIL made it OK.


I too am concerned about the heat and the marathon runners. I had a daughter pass out while running a desert relay. She was on the LAPD's team and they rushed her off to the nearest hospital for an over night observation. She was fine and was more perturbed about being hospitalized than anything else.

So the babies have visited. I know you had a wonderful time. I am looking forward to new photos and lots of stories.

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