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Witching you a spooktacular Halloween, Joy!


How fun to find your holiday poem this morning. I'm intrigued by the nifty graphics and I hope I'll learn how to incorporate such playfulness at my Blog site.


One of the saddest moments of my life came a couple of years ago when the nice policeman told me I was too old to go door-to-door trick-or-treating. I miss the bitesize Snickers bars...


Hi Joy. Once again as I read, I wish I could write like the way you did.

Do have great fun and an enjoyable Halloween!


Great poem! Happy Halloween to you too!


Yes, have a Happy Halloween. I loved your poem.

mary lou


I Used to do halloween up really good, but now I turn off all the lights and head to the bedroom and watch tv in the dark. Cant afford the candy, and the kids that are brave enough to come this far in the dark are too big and bratty!


When my kids came home from Trick or Treating I'd send them to take baths while I rifled through their bags and stole all the bubble gum and decent candy bars. It saved me the cost of a costume and I still got the loot. Your poem is so cute!


Hello Joy,

You certainly did capture the spirit of Halloween with you wonderful poem.

Loved it!!!!


What a lovely way to describe the Perfect Halloween.
Coming from Norway, this is a fairly new tradition to me like I explain in my last post :-)


I'm a bit late to wish you a happy halloween, but better late than never ;)


Great Halloween poem!

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