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Hi Joy! I never cease to enjoy and found myself laughing away. Thank you for those interesting billboards. Do have a good weekend.



Today is the day we part company , but only for a few hours.

This is the day the DA BEARS play my IGGLES. May the best team win!!!! Neither one are great shakes so I guess whoever has the ball last will win...

Did you hear about the woman who went to her gyno because she had a strange purple discharge? He asked what kind of contraceptive jelly she used in her diaphram.
She looked at him and said "GRAPE"

The KY in one of your billboards reminded me of that old joke......


Funny billboards! I started to say that I missed them, but then I remembered that most of them aren't funny. I like yours best!

Maya's Granny

How nice to drop by an old friend and laugh so hard.


I'll be giggling for a while with these images in my mind. Thanks for sharing.


Those are priceless. Thanks for the chuckles.

Paul Nichols

Ah, the joy of laughing. Thanks.

And by the way, did you know that D.L. Jardine's makes several varieties of the best Mexican salsa south of the border (Canadian border, that is)? Are you related?


Great collection of laughs, Joy. Thanks!

Where ya been? Haven't seen you around lately...


I love these. I wish my mom were here so I could tell her the real reason I hated my spam sandwiches!


I have always gotten a big kick out of signs like this -- and you have some doozies here!


Thanks for the laughs!

Wilmer Geraci

This is so hilarious. Although most of these billboards are absurd, they can still give a good laugh to anyone who sees them. Having good laughter is, sometimes, what we need and these pictures deliver it.

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