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All Right!! Guess where I'm stopping tomorrow!

Mary B

Oh, man, I hate this kind of thing, Joy. Really. What IS wrong with people in this day and age who think it's OK to toss simple civility aside in public? Free speech, indeed! I'm sure you weren't the only one hustling to door as quickly as you could!


I do, on occasion, rememeber being a 'little' guilty of this myself when I had small ones in tow. Having said that, maybe stores that have NO SMOKING signs should NO BICKERING and NO SWEARING signs as well.


I guess I am lucky, because I have not run into this kind of situation much - and I'm very glad I haven't!


A well-told story that resonated with me yesterday when I read it for the first time. I've passed it along twice (in the oral tradition) and am sure it will be with me for a long time. Has awareness of self & others become obsolete out there in our world, or is "all the world a stage" ... and are these inconsiderate folk "auditioning" for the next "reality show"? Sometimes I feel like a dinosaur ... but methinks I'm in good company out here in the Blogosphere. Thanks for sharing.

Roberta S

Your story reminds me of the time Hub and I went to a Rodeo dance. I was so envious of the couples who left the hall for privacy to cuddle in the parking lot. I wanted to go outside too and Hub took me but he warned me with a knowing grin, "You're too much of a romantic," he said. "They're not going out to cuddle."

He took me outside and what a revelation. Those cosy couples were all having a set to about their mates looking at someone else, dancing too close, flirting. Vulgarity at a roaring pitch.


Oh! Joy you brought back a terrific radio memory.Who can ever forget Don Ameche and Frances Langford as John and Blanche Bickerson?

Blanche made John take 2 jobs for a total of 16 hours a day in order to bring in more money which she squandered on the stock market.

Meanwhile John couldn't afford new shoes so he painted his feet black.

In the few hours he got to sleep she would nag him all night with accusations that he didn't love her. His only comeback to her was an insult which he was pretty good at.

What a funny show it was. Good for you,,Joy, for remembering two great talents and the enjoyment they brought to their radio audience.


Hi Joy! Thank you for turning unpleasant everyday events into entertaining write.

Yes, some people have little self-concept or dignity. Perhaps they're not aware that they made others cringed!

If the cashier were a writer, he'd have loads of stories to write. May a nobel prize winner one day?!


No wonder you're cooking less. Sounds like your "happy" store is a combat zone. I think you better wear a hard hat the next time you go to shop. You may want to consider taking a class on shopping cart defensive techniques. I think they also offer one on offensive maneuvers should you decide you want to do a little battering yourself. Now I know why I'm going to continue eating out more.


It is so uncomfortable and embarrassing when people do that in public - can you imagine how they behave when alone????? I hope you got to buy more than cheese sandwiches :) - Happy Foods! That's a good one. Take care Joy.


I don't want to think what it must be like at home!
I too cook less and less! Just getting lazy AND putting on weight

jen at semantically driven

What an awful life these two people have - so obviously not happy! And I'm sorry your shopping trip was cut short. It makes a screaming toddler in a shop just that bit more bearable after listening to this tale.


Wow, what a Joyus occasion (pun intended) for you and all the other shoppers, some people should not be let off their chains.


Elsie has a slightly similar story on her blog. What is it with these people?


Well, add THAT one to the "Stupid Things to Do in Happy Foods." Don't you wish someone had walked up and smacked them with a wet mop?! But had it happened, the smacker would be posting bail and the smackees would be home with their frozen dinners and beer.

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