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Jay mentioned that he hadn't seen any bugs in the apartment in a week or two. Then, he found out why. There's a huge spider web just outside on our porch. I think I'll leave it there.


I am totally freaked out at the suggestion a spider has crawled into my mouth! Do they just crawl on down? Are they alive in my stomach? Or did I chew them? This is an image I won't soon forget!


I'm with you hate to kill them and sweep their webs away but not fond of them at all. Last night I had nightmares about them. Funny you posted about them today.


It seems to be spider season. Our house is full of them. Thankfully they don't scare me all that much, but they do make a mess.

Thank God there is the vacuum cleaner.


The idea of a spider, be it itsy bitsy, crawling into my mouth just leaves me horrified. I don't even want to think about it! Yuck! ;) Let them move elsewhere. I must say there aren't many of them in Paris, but my flat in Normandy is just full of them!


I think there must be a bigger reason behind the spiders' desire to live in your home. Could it be they are drawn to you because they like you and want to help you? Spiders bring good luck - be careful that you don't shoo them too far away and whatever you do, don't kill them... very bad luck to kill a spider!


June Kellum


Like your spider tales, Joy! As you might know I have done a few spider posts too!

These pics are good, too!


Steve from MA

For a moment, I thought your "Itsy-Bitsy" a metaphor for some guy inappropriately encroaching on your website. Get the virtual raid! Steve from MA


I don't like the big guys taking up residence, especially. Couldn't they go out to the garden and do good works there?


I just did a spider web sweep up outside. I still have one in the corner of my kitchen window (outside the actual house) that I think I'll keep though.


Hi Joy ~~ I agree with you - they are OK if they stay Outside. No way I want any Inside the house. Yay for Raid!! I loved the previous post about the Stress test, very funny Joy. Thanks for your visit and I had a great visit with Geoff and Jo. Always good to see them and Geoff is the one who does most og my gardening.
Hope everything is going well for you. Take care, much love, Merle.

Paul Nichols

Great photos!!!
But, alas, I like spiders. Spiders are our friends. Except that black widow you're showing. And brown recluses. I've been keeping my eye out for some spidey photos, but nary a one so far. Stay tuned. I'll let you know.


Hi Joy,

Love the spider pictures and your text was terrific.

We have a little cottage in the woods here in PA and it has an outdoor shower. You very seldom get to shower alone. Most of the time word gets out to the Daddy Long Leggers that you are in there running water and they want a shower,too.

They really are harmless so we just keep showering and they keep walking around in the water so we all have a good clean time.

Kay Dennison

Anyone who has ever had a spider bite knows they aren't nice creatures. Yikes!


Wonderful story. Just be glad you don't live in Australia, where the venomous spiders ATTACK! There is a newspaper graphic of the 9 most deadly on my blog. Do not approach that post without your Raid :)

mary lou

I don't care if I do make Bhudda angry, I kill those little suckers every chance I get. They weave webs over the back door at night, and I run face first in to them every time I let Sadie out. KILL!!!!!


This is the 2nd post about spiders I have read today! They must be really active right now.


For the most part, I let the pest control man take care of them and I just look the other way. We do have Black Widows, Scorpions, and Vinegaroons out here in no man's land and we take our spider termination very seriously.


That's brilliant, Joy. I hope you've stuck it up in every room so the little fellas can read it and see how much they're upsetting you and how close they're coming to the final web.

Have we really swallowed a spider? Or maybe it's still to come. Oh, dear, perhaps we should all sleep with masks on.


Hi Joy, two excellent posts there, have you ever walked into a spiders web.... or better still watched the antics of someone else who has just done so, all the wild swiping at the invisible foe is hilarious.

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