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Average Jane

Ooh, I guess I'm not telling my age. I was just thinking the other day how lucky I am that there are still drive-in theaters in my area. In fact, there's one about a mile from my house and a much larger one within about 15 miles. I should go see a movie at one of them sometime.

Going Like Sixty

Very cool quizaroonie.
I would have been perfect except for Packards and Milk Delivery! Oh, wait, perfect isn't good.
Never mind.


Hi Joy! I love the twist to your post. Rather refreshing. I still have my dad's RPM 45 records. Of course hi-fi are around! So can you guess my category?! Have a swell weekend!


Not telling my age! We still have drive-in movies though, so if I take that one away...I'm still not telling my age.


Hi Joy,
Yes, I am as old as the hills. I knew every one.

I could have gone back even further. I was a waitress at the Last Supper you know. We served those wax coke shaped bottles filled with sugar water.


Missed two. Brought up some things I hadn't thought about in years. I thought those wax soda bottles were the coolest, also the black wax nails, and red waxed lips. I think I was around 7 when they were popular.

jen at semantically driven

Some of this is very American, but I am getting older so recognised enough of them for that.


OK Joy, check, check, check, check, check, check, oh heck ----- my phone number was WEst 2438. Love, Older Than Dirt. :)


I knew every single one! I had no idea I was older than dirt. I always wanted to be a little dirty.


One I can't do! Not because I'm young! Just because most of the stuff is all-American and I was born in France ;)


I'm dirt...


great list - but I'm not going to tell you how many I remember, but it was quite a few.



great list - but I'm not going to tell you how many I remember, but it was quite a few.


Maya's Granny

Not only do I remember them all, I even remember phones when you cranked the handle and recognized your call (as opposed to the party line) from the number of short and long rings. That was in my grandparents house. And long distance calls required an operator.

How about scrub boards? And kneading the color into the margarine? Oh, excuse me, the oleomargarine.


That's right, Maya's Granny. I remember the Oleo during the war that you had to color yourself.

The stuff came in a heavy bag that you could see through. It was white (Lard?) and also in the bag was an orange pill.

The idea was to put the pill in the white stuff and knead it FOREVER until it turned yellow.
My brother would knead till his hands and wrists were sore then he would THROW the bag to me and I would knead for awhile then THROW the bag to my sister.Back and forth the bag went till we all fell on the floor exhausted.

After almost an hour you would end up with a shapeless white lump of yellow streaked pseudo butter. Yekk!!!

Someone once told me that the dairy farmers who produced REAL butter in Wisconsin were responsible for the fact that Oleo was not permitted to be colored. That law soon changed and we were able to get Oleo that looked like butter, but,in my opinion, did not TASTE like butter.

Ah! Happy memories!!!

Paul Nichols

I'm in the last category. But just last night I was messing around with my grandson's iPOD. So I'm cool. Or something.

mary lou

Uh-oh!!1 I remember all of them. makes me older than dirt too!


17 scores me "older than dirt." I can take it. But oh, I loved those soda bottles made of wax. YUM. And come on...S&H green stamps were still around in 1970! Gimmeabreak!

Mary Kay

I remember them ALL. But that's what counts: It's when you're older than dirt and can't remember a thing that's scary. Does anyone remember "Wig hats"? They were big in Peoria, Il. (where??) when I was about in 7th/8th grade. (early 1960's). I and my girlfriend both had one. (WHY??) Hey, I still have some S&H Green Stamps, kept them for posterity.


Ok I remember 21 and probably more. So I AM older than dirt.

My question is. How did I get so old? :)

Ration books
25 cent picture shows
The ice man bringing blocks of ice
Clothes lines-no dryers
Toni Home Perms
Pin curls
The Jewel Tea truck


ack i remembered 21 of them....


I am lots older than dirt but since I live in the UK where we never did have drive-in movies, or S&H stamps then I come out as a bit younger! And, what is a Studebaker when it's at home? Oops, Mr E says it's a kind of car like in the film (not movie in English English!)


Since when is 45 older than dirt? Sheesh!

Kay Dennison

I was on the Ark -- I remember it all -- even the signs at the Illinois-Wisconsin border that read "Last chance to buy margarine!" I couldn't understand them even after my mom the dairy farmer's daughter explained it. Why on earth would anyone *want* to buy margarine when butter is so yummy?


Good god, I *am* old! :) Hi, Joy--here to catch up! (Fell way behind in reading blogs.)

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