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Oh it sounds like so much fun. I think I'd enjoy it for the networking, let alone everything else. I've been reading snippets but there's so much to absorb!


I'd love to go too. Do you know where it will be held in 2008?


What joy it is to meet a fellow-blogger living close to you! Joy, your daughter's presence must have added even greater joy.

Kay Dennison

Wowsers!!!!!!!!!! I'm determined to go to one of these things!!!!!!!


Joy, I'm so glad for you that you got to attend this year. And I know it goes without saying that you must be incredibly proud of your wonderful daughter. ;)


I enjoy reading about BlogHer and seeing a bit of it through your eyes.



Knock 'em dead, Joy! I know you're having a ball!


I feel like the only one who doesn't get it. I thought BlogHer was a blog publisher, like Blogger. Is this an association that you join, or a club you are inducted into? Do you learn about blogging at the conference, or is a networking atmosphere? I feel clueless and embarrassed to ask.


Glad you had the opportunity to attend and to see what Jory is doing. In addition to being overwhelmed, you must be terribly proud...


You sure make it sound wonderful, Joy! It's so great that you could do this.

Suzann Eisenberg Murray

I want to go next year Sounds fantastic.


What a blast this must have been - and at navy Pier - yes the "young Norse" has been there - 1995 and 2006- And me too love the Chicago skyline.

Well, as you my have read - we also met fellow bloggers this summer - but then privatly - for days. Meetings of utterly inspiration - and lots of fun too.

Have a very good end of this week. Hope the weather is far better than we do have on this side of the pond.


What a joy (no pun intended) to participate in the Blogher convention right here in Chicago! It sounds as though you had a wonderful time, and I could imagine it all! I think the best part of all is to get to put faces to the names and personalities you already know.


Wow! What a fabulous group.


And thus, my Joyful now spreads her wings to fly in directions never before intended...
Enjoy the wind beneath your wings...and Jory too!

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